Rally Point Indestructible

Just played a match after the update and found that the Rally Points for the Allies in the Pacific Campaign are indestructible and can only be destroyed by dismantling while the Axis can still be shot to be destroyed. Also i naded and Artillery the thing and it was still standing.


I can confirm this. Allied rally points can only be destroyed by dismantling them.

Soldier selection menu does not stay on if it assigned to a mouse button. You key the button pressed, and it just does not stay for more than a fraction of a second. It is impossible to use. I have it assigned to mouse button 5.

It only stays on if it is assigned to a keyboard button, which is very annoying because the game already needs quite a few keys for various things.

I haven’t experienced this, what platform is it? Any specific maps?

PC & Tunisia for sure. It was immune to everything but slowly dismantling, which was difficult whilst it was in the grey zone. AP mines, bullets, impact grenade, melee attack did nothing but destroy the sandbags next to it.

Confirm in all campaigns, only J work

Allies really need that much help?

Actually all side have super rallypoint now, in all campaigns



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My rallypoint got nuked by a bombing run, he simply fucked about that, and dint die

PC in the Pacific, not sure about the other Campaigns

Really all? because i recall mine in Pacific Axis getting taken down but then again i didnt manage to see it so can’t confirm.

Yet my Rally in Allies Pacific got blown to bits by a bombing run, or maybe it was dismantled by someone hard to tell.

This one was working in the greyzone and was build from the start