Radial Menu Button Changes Are No Bueno on XBox

“Now radial menu buttons (squad members and orders) no longer require a press to confirm: highlighting a selection and releasing the menu button is enough. This improvement will especially help the players who use a gamepad.”

This change is horrendous for Xbox players. Most my commands won’t work. This morning I had to try 3 times each attempt to get it to work. It’s clunky. Can we have an option to get the old way back? Changing something like this after it’s been a different way for so long is crazy. It’s one thing if you want to tweak damage. Breaking the way the game commands work is a bother story.


I always thought the Radial Menu was perfect just the way it was. I haven’t tried the new one yet.


yeah even if it were working i think its silly, cus after making a choice you continue looking in a direction, so its a hassle to have to recenter your view


I think we used to select radial option with left stick, now it is right. What is worse, when you release the view, like for artillery strike, stick remains in non-neutral position, and this deviation is now applicable to new object, like artillery map or just first person view. I think, it is very bad idea.

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This was an unnecesary change