Questions for developers

My question:

  1. Since in War Thunder Air AB and RB are many times more popular than sim mode (which locks your view to the cockpit), and since AB and RB both use 3rd person view for several reasons, would the devs PLEASE reconsider giving us 3rd person view when flying planes?

I can understand about the reasoning for ground vehicles so I am not concerned about tanks as much, though I wouldn’t complain if that was eventually changed too.

i don’t think they can because
A) aircraft always needed spotting outside of spotter aircraft
B) CAS attacked known enemy position or any moving targets which is why historically when tanks had to stop they would do so by a tree
C) humans didn’t and still don’t have a drones following them


I love this game, I love the additional vehicles, bought several of premium

Any replacement vehicles coming in to help balance Moscow Normandy (t34, Jumbo related)

Engineers used to be able to stack sandbags, but due to set packs not destroying them, stacking was removed, this was a massive selling point to me and I was wondering if any additional work was to be done re engineer placements, also new allied mgs too.

British weapons on Normandy and Thompson, any thoughts on dropping it to a lower level?

Any chance we could know what vehicles will be added, which definitely won’t? I saw a load in practice but the current maps and feedback from some means some people would not be happy as it affects balance, I personally want as many as possible!

Any chance of high level roadmap showing what content is being looked at?

It is brilliant you have this Q&A but I see people using it to provide feedback (as above) not ask genuine questions, just hope there is some form of review and the forum post is refreshed so we don’t have to read stuff over and over again, so some form of comments up to x date, dev response… I hope you know what I mean.

You are saying they can’t add 3rd person view due to real life restrictions? In that case we shouldn’t be able to poof in from thin air when we spawn. An engineer shouldn’t be able to pull an AT gun out of his pocket, build it with a hammer, and crew it himself,… etc…etc. This is a game and I’m using an another popular game from their same publisher as an example.

those can be explain by the fact it’s a video game and it needs to be balanced, which is another fact to not have 3rd person aircraft, hell 3rd person for all vehicles has been suggested into the forums multiple times and people keep shutting it down BECAUSE of balancing



it has been quite a while. and based on the last updates, i feel like i have alot of questions.

but i’ll try to mention only the important ones, and a few personal ones at the bottom.

once again, thanks for the opportunity.

let’s start:

  1. why it has been taken the decision to put tanks that never belonged in those certains campaigns? is enlisted taking the way of " time travelers " ?. we thought that it was going to be realistic.

  2. why above all, the jumbo it’s not going to be removed despite being THE dominant tank in normandy? and lots of threads from americans and german players found better historical and gameplay fitting replacement?.

  3. when the new AI Stances are going to be introduced? ( mentioned in the Development report №1 - News - Enlisted ).

  4. is a matchmaker going to be implemented in enlisted? or to the very least, an attempt?.

  5. will FG and m2 restricted to certain classes instead of getting nerfed to the ground because of being “good”?.

  6. when it’s going to be introduced the randomic cosmetic option ? ( mentioned in this post: Rewards, battle tasks, changes in progress and logistics for squads and soldiers )

  7. are we gonna see mechanised squads and different vehicle squads? due to vehicles being present in the files.

  8. are we gonna see the Sdk.fz 251/10 in moscow ? ( seems more fitting there )

i have more question, but i’ll end it here.



You can defend your reasoning for disagreeing with me all you want, but at the end of the day the title of the the thread is “Questions for Developers”, and not “Questions for Rickyd123”.

i know, but i’m telling why a large part of the community doesn’t want 3rd person aircraft and why the devs decided not to do that in the first place

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Another question from me:

Does the behavior of the AI improves with higher level (1 to 5 stars)? I do not mean the improvement of the perks.


1st person is good
Acquire competence

Will we ever paratrop with a… Parachute from a plane?

Will aí soldiers be able to man a mg42 and shot!?
I’ll an ai soldier man a aa gun or a pak and shot!?


This is a huge question:

will we ever have a “end game” or match after match like call of duty?
as end game, something like RTS war like “heroes and generals”.?? where factions fight with resources for a total domination???


Can we please get a cross platform party system that would be great so I can play with my friends


fuck 3rd person


Can we have bigger maps plz?

1.Sorry for Asking is there any fix or something for the Anti Cheat i was encouter yesterday 2 Cheaters the 2 Cheaters was shooting through a Stone wall my friend and i have reported him.

  1. Is there any fix for Spawn Camping when i was Spawning on a Normandy map dont know the name atm then there was a Spawn killer i hate when guys raid your Spawn and u have no chance

Any plans to introduce a “tug of war” style gamemode? With both sides able to capture a point while having to defend their point at the same time (only the nearest enemy point would be availiable for each team to capture)? And then repeat this until one of the sides loses their last point in the line.

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Can points be earn by players that use engineers to build spawn points and ammo crates when other players use them.

Enlisted uses a lot of vehicles and weapons that are not historical for the various campaigns, and for many people this spoils the authenticity of the game.

This is not just US using UK weapons or Germans using Italian ones in Normandy - T-50 and T-28 and PIIIB at Moscow, Jumbo and M-24 at Normandy are major and obvious examples.

Do you intend to improve historical authenticity at all?


T-50 and 28 weren’t around?