Question about current event

Can I catch up with event progression if I skiped one day grind? Or am I already lost gold order?

You already lost gold order, unless you pay for missing tasks at the end.



you need to play every single day to get gold order reward (which sucks a lot)


If they had made it so you could get the gold order any time. I would have played enough games to try to get it. But, since they made it impossible if you miss even a single day of grinding. I will not even bother aiming for it and probably play not even half as many matches.

In fact, the event might as well not even exist. Its way too much grind a day for what you get. Even if you could catch up on missed days. The gold order is a bit of a weak prize. Like thanks game…you saved me 750 gold for playing something like 100 matches.

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