Puma has Maus armour model (part 2)

I’m just gonna say, the way you phrased that made it sound like it’s perfectly acceptable to go to PM and start insulting someone with every insult in the dictionary and make new ones if necessary.

I very much doubt that’s what you intended, it just kinda sounds like it.

Assymetrical balance implies both sides have different advantages, not just Germany.

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Thank you, you have a good point. I have edited my reply.

Absolutely - I played tabletop games for many years - Airfix plastic kitsets, down to 1/300th scale microminiatures, and then strategic computer wargames - all of WW1 or WW2, etc.

None of those had “exact balance” - 1 guy in my early years would bring an army of 7 tiger 1’s and 1 platoon of infantry for “1500 point” games - it proved very vulnerable to smoke, bazookas and 17 pdrs!

Sure we had to get used to it, but even at 1 game per weekend the rest of us didn’t take long to sort him out! :slight_smile:

There are lots of ways of running asymmetry - the most common 2 that I have used are

1/ cost - you “pay” some form of cost for better equipment - often a game would consist of both sides having a maximum value in points they could field and hte rules providing values for various equipment.

2/ asymmetric objectives - I have had games where 1 side was never going to defeat the other, but hte victory objective was to make victory too expensive or take too long - we do have that here in Enlisted of course, but it is a bit artificial along with things like availability f squads, weapons and soldier classes/types

And example of different advantages in Normandy might be something like - the Germans have MG34 & 42, plenty of AT guns, and are always fighting defensive games from set positions!

The US OTOH does get 100% garand, has great artillery and air support and plenty of tanks, but has not-very-good machineguns and the 60mm mortar that doesn’t do much good on Enlisted maps

This :point_down:

And this too :point_down:

JustGameplayYT has a perfect German historical squad in his lineup. This is a great defensive choice
Снимак екрана (234)

But I’m going to say it again:
We can’t develop asymmetric balance with Germans defending Moscow and Conquest being available for squads. Asymmetric balance can be focused when conquest moves to being lone fighters exclusive

Putting asymmetric balance to the current matchmaking system is only going to mess things up

Personal attacks?
Did I miss something?

That’s a wrong way of thinking but I’ll leave it for another topic :slightly_smiling_face:

well, half of the models in this game are complealty broken.

i don’t see many people complaining about m8s and m5s being almost like a piershing.
because we are only looking at broken armored car insthead of the overhall problem.
as i said, that’s not the point,

even if you would change tanks, none of them has being actually tried.
think about it.

when the pZII was introducted, the armor was stupidly broken.

same it went with one of the Panzer.

and now with normandy, the majority of ally and axis tanks are broken.

there’s a problem at the beginning. seems no one is testing those tanks, and send them in like nothing.
waiting for ages to be fixed.

so, i would rather see the current tanks that we have being fixed, and than propose new ones. because you will just leave a problem that at some point, will return.

…because you are the only person who thinks that

I do play Puma, I know which tank has the advantage and which not

here we go again.

how about you start shooting it’s turrett or barell?

never thought about doing that?
because i’ll tell you.

the m5 absoluty absorb any type of damage from a 50mm.
Sturmpistoles on m5s are a joke.
no wonder why many people figured out to bog the tank down behind something, and wait for the tank to attack them.

and what about the m8?

open top tank that bullets for somereason cannot even reach it’s crew.

but of course we are not going to talk about that uh?
i don’t even think you played those tanks to begin with.

but i don’t deny that the puma and the PZ III n are buggy.
but if you are going to give a report, give it full.

It’s probably the volumetric armor playing a part with this particular armor model on the stuarts.
Sec, i’ll edit this with a picture (and one for puma as well)

For the Stuey: (did the top armor analysis shots with stuart ammo, but the puma ammo doesn’t go through it either)

They have both their turret and UFP split apart into 2 armor plates. If you hit the seam, you will likely not penetrate because the armor is added up thanks to volumetric shenanigans.

Also, stuart lower plate acts like 100mm of armor against puma.

For the puma:

The vision ports, and basically EVERY armor plate is separated. As a result, you will get a lot of these volumetric trap shots.


unfortunally, for some reason those stats does not apply to enlisted.

because the lower plate, is tanky.

while if you wanna destroy it frontall, you have to aim for the sides of the frontal plate where ammo are stored at.

same it goes for the whole turrett.
the " yellow, green " parts, are both considered red.
as 50 mm does not penetrate that.

Wrong, see my first video

Imo this is fine, M5 has a strong gun breech

I agree this is an issue… But not a huge one

Should I take pictures of my account and gameplay?

I agree all tanks are bugged but Stuart actually has armor to begin with.
But puma blocking 57mm AT cannons with 15mm of armour is a bigger issue

And @30101451 does this every time someone complains about axis superiority. He kinda reminds of @65869033.

“Screw you, stuart is stronger than puma”

But in my second video I shot puma exactly on the side plate several times and did nothing

I can’t recreate the angle from which you shot that puma within war thunder, so I can’t really tell what happened with that one.

But I do have to say that the armor models in Enlisted are off in one way or another when compared to WT.

you know that he is in high groud hitting the upper plate where your turrett is at. right?
he is not killing you from the turrett, but by the " roof " as he has better view on you.

strong gun breach?

i wouldn’t considered wt a point of view. but since the game technically comes from, no one, in this earth, ever had issues by penetrating an m5.

i don’t know in which planet you live.

like, use common sense. and you would realize that a puma has much stronger fire power than an m5 in terms of shells and stuff.

took you long enough to actually figure this out.

i wonder why honey.

i didn’t applied to that.
but sure, go on.
you’ll might sort something out.
in this way.


I complained about this issue all the time since BA-11

Keep wondering honey

Like what?
C’mon show me some footage of you struggling with M5’s
I (and some other players) already did my homework

Both @557779 and @8383908 posted videos
You have absolutely zero proof

Today I will record my whole gameplay with puma and cut out all the parts where I “struggled” with M5’s

I suggest you to do the same

sure, i’ll come back with more proofs.

i think i did. but those were older versions. not accountable for me.

actually, this one kinda explains what it feels facing m5s:

the first 2 seconds. you see that the thingy is green. through the yellow planell as cat showed the m5 armor, and yet, it did not disabled the turett or killed anyone.


You were hitting the most chunky part of the tank

I agree tanks are broken in this game but your video is not the best, record a new one

Players were even saying in the comments that the video is not the best

i was talking about the first tank?

not the second one.

you clearly see only what you want.

me failing at killing the second tank?

“haha you bad.”

me actually hitting the first tank and did no damage?
" never saw that "

but i’ll give you the benefict of the doubt, brining more content if i manage to.

ok so, i’ll be honest. i did not got much time to play outside 3/4 matches.

although, it perfectly shows what i mean.
turret it’s broken as much as the puma model. weather you could argue that my " skills " are questionable, that’s not to point. if i shoot in the turret, i should be able to pen it. which it’ doesnt.


and here there is an uncut version of what i mean, it’s ridicolous, and too much tanky to be an m5.

i don’t think i even have to explain it.

while here, in those clips i’m facing an M8 that has better model and above all, is possible to shoot the turrett even frontally and damage the barell. ( unlike the m5 of course )

if yet, you don’t understand. i suggest you to watch this video:

this guy faces m5s and m8s. we also get to see his buddy take hits. as such, on war thunder those vehicles are there and fuctional. but on enlisted, not so much.

so, stop pretending that m5s are " fine " because they are not.


Okay but still…the issue is much worse on the puma because you can actually penetrate the stuart from the side

And one more question:
Why did you put Frank Sinatra as your background music?
I would just put some meme music instead

true, but all models should be revisited.

haha, to be honest, was a playlist of bing crosby
when i play, i usually have some Youtube Music playlist on the background.

not my taste. sorry :frowning: