Puma has Maus armour model (part 2)

Guys, I was wrong

Puma is not broken at all
100% good damage model, 100% doesn’t have Maus armour

All this happened in ONE GAME

You don’t have to watch the first vid, the second one is better


Puma have absolutely OP armor. If you do not throw TNT on the puma but near it - it will cause low damage on the wheels. If you throw TNT near the rear of it you will light damage engine and two back wheels. If puma angled - you cannot penetrate it even with your AT-guns. It have completly buggy damage model now.

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The funny thing is, puma is supposed to be a “vulnerable but fast” vehicle

In Enlisted it ain’t vulnerable imo

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Seems like we have “best armor no armor” war thunder problem when we penetrate it. If we did not penetrate angled armour we get ricochet


Warthunder developers thought that is realistic but in teal life, weak armor cracks in 100 pieces when shot so many times. This is one of the reasons why I quit playing that game

But Puma in Enlisted is even worse than the one in Warthunder. This one can’t even be killed when I shoot exactly at crewmen


Really, choosing between Normandy and Moscow right now for me is choosing between dealing with barely-vulnerable pumas and suicide 110s, compared to mass spamming of MG 30s and MP 41s.


It’s so hard to tell what is happening from the hit cam, it’s like the shell is bouncing through the tank.

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Puma and BF 110 are the reason i quit playing the US and i’m just playing germany now.

Why bother play something else when they are so broken?

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And then Tcat denies that people play Germany because it’s stronger

You are an example that he’s wrong

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Are you quite certain you’re not just shadowboxing, right now?

Right, there’s always going to be a percentage that always follows whatever is broken at the time.

It doesn’t help that Pumas are immediately accessible and BF 110s nearly so.
Anyone who wants to stomp doesn’t even need to grind to use them until they’re nerfed.

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Reposting this, though it’s happened enough times now that I should’ve saved more recordings to make a compilation of direct hits from rockets doing nothing to Pumas


I used to play US, in fact I came here for the US.

I switched to germany after learning just how disgustingly broken those 2 things are. I don’t mind a side having a minor advantage over the other. But when the differences are as big as this. Why the hell would I purposefully gimp myself by playing america?

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One of the reasons why I play Germany mostly on Normandy (apart from MP-34)

Lol someone just started flagging all my comments on this topic :joy:

I already got 2 flags, I guess the mysterious flagger is back

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I only see 1 flag

I never said that was the sole reason or not lol.

My claim is that a lot of people choose a nation based on personal preference to start with:
Americans starting out with USA
Europeans starting out with Germany
Russians starting out with Soviets

I also have been wanting to see both of these nerfed for a while now.

And btw these are excellent examples of how your view on asymmetrical balance just won’t work. One side gets better vehicles and it just doesn’t work xd

1st video - every hit is at an acute angle - no great surprise they all bounce

2nd one is truly weird - looks like you are hitting wheels and getting ricochets from them??

Looks lore a problem with the 37mm gun TBH - the Puma gets wrecked by 75mm HE - instak-kill hullbreaks 90% of hte time - thoroughly recommend upgrading :slight_smile:

Cleaned up… please do not derail with personal attacks / spam etc… here is not the place for such things. Thanks.