PS4 players can't escape from the aircraft and can only become a kamikaze

Players playing on PS4 do not have a key setting to escape from the aircraft
So it doesn’t make sense to equip the pilot with a parachute or a very strong gun.
moreover! Radio chat is not possible when riding in a vehicle!
Can PS4 players fight properly?

Of course,
I recommend to you, try a Premium Airplane, while you fly go to Settings and make this…
i would do a Screenshot about the Standart Settings too, if my Settings are not good for you.

At the Point … Look Around… wheres the Cursor is in the first Picture
Click in and make it like this following

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I’m not sure about ps4, but On ps5 you exit the plane by tapping square; note that it doesn’t work if you hold the button down, it has to be a quick press and release.

Once you’re out of the plane, a tool tip should pop up after a few seconds to press X to deploy the parachute.

I’m unable to mark targets or bring up the command wheel in a vehicle, I suspect it has to do with overlapping key-bindings.

thank you
After all there is no button to escape
Pressing the square button does not respond
There is no escape button in the plane tab of the control
There is an escape button on the vehicle tab, but only the plane doesn’t respond.