Proximity Chat PLEASE!

I don’t think I need to say much more , Reply Yes , so this get’s their attention.
I cannot Stress enough how much this would improve the game . Id never play anything else :smiley:


Those things are always cool to have, unless you dont have the ability to mute people.

Also, can we talk about how this game has no chat system to begin with.


Use discord or in game, I recc the former though

I would love a proximity chat for the fact that I can hear the enemies and throw insults at us


I remember…

Some good old games used special function allowing you to throw insults at the enemy in your soldier’s language. Call of Duty 2 (the real 2, from 2005, back when CoD was an absolute gem of a game) had it. I think RO1 & 2 as well.

It was funny because when both you and an enemy played hide and seek in a building, both trying to find each others, we spammed the key constantly. Mum certainly did’nt raise me saying stuff like the soldiers said… Remember, back in those days, things were not as censored as today and ppl were not political correctness activists sissies. Soldiers were shouting REAL insults.

It was hilarious. I miss it.


I think Medal of Honor allied assault was the best for taunts. You could say things like… Is that all youve got.. Ive seen French school girls shoot better or Try again. There were lots of them, and using them could really wind the apposing player up :rofl:

This looks like a funny taunt :thinking:

In RO, Soviets called Germs “cyka”, Germs called Soviets “rats”, they both called each others swines…
But most importantly, the tone used was pitch perfect: you could HEAR the hatred when your soldier shouted it. It wasn’t humoristic at all…


Yep we could definitely do with some of this in Enlisted :+1:


Cod 2 had completely crazy voice lines, I remember the one where a German soldier would basically yell at you saying:
“when this war is over yankee, then will your wife be laying in my bed and your children will all speak German!”
or the other one
“Hey Ruski, when we take your worthless city then I’ll go urinate on your mothers grave!”

crazy how butthurt everything has gotten over the years, I would love to see more of a dirty atmosphere in a world war II game, yet I gotta say those super doped Wehrmacht Soldiers high on Panzerschokolade constantly yelling " JAWOHLL, DAS IST TOLL" HAHAHA" is actually really entertaining not gonna lie.


Speaking of censored voice line Italain soldier are not censored they say

“Muori bastardo” = die asshole
“crepa fottuto bastardo” = die fucking bastard

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I would approve only if it is enforcing push to talk. I hate activation by voice VOIP.