Premium squads (from ingame to Gaijin store) is now at 0%~30%~50% discount (And 2 new gold ticket achievements)

Those newest premium squads do not get any discount.

Gaijin’s store price may has some glitch, just wait till they fixed it.

Gaijin store’s golds is still at original price.
But premium squads are at discount. Most remain the same discount as before, so actually not many are at discount.


Now there’s 2 more golds tickets in achievements.


Main store goods are already on discount. I mean they were since they’ve been presented.


Wow, I was literally going to click the “buy” button for the US engineer squad in Normandy, 15 minutes ago… then I thought “let me think about that a bit more” … 15 minutes later it was on discount! Phew!!! :sweat_smile:
Now it is mine!! :grinning: :grinning:


Even though I have them I rarely use prem squads. Used them at the start but since I’ve unlocked everything I find regular squads more effective on battlefield. Premium squads are amazing for gaining XP though. That and premium acc should make it so easy for anyone to get a lot of XP.

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a golden weapon order, wow.

didnt expect that

That’s nice.

I’m more interested in the premium tanks but they are 50€ + still…

Happy Birthday Enlisted!


Yep, I am still very low level in Normandy, also I like having them as a collector. Also I read good opinion of this particular squad (maybe it was @98547181 or someone else?).

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Oh don’t get me wrong here that squad is amazing. I like to collect too. Every game I play I like to have deluxe stuff. Don’t judge me lol. It’s just I can have more flexibility with regular squads.

You ain’t missing anything if you’re aiming at Firefly.

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Panther A squad in Berlin is 2625 gold

Nice. Currently own 29-30 premium squads.

I ill probably buy the remaining ones now.

I don’t know what I should get with this new gold order

So, for gaijin store.
Only LMG bundles actually get discount.

Also why officials still dosent post any news about this.

for me gewher 43 with the 30 round mags / or the meme m1903

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And not the m2a1?

was an idea but with that stupid sight and the fact i need the gewher in berlin

Fair enough


I like the MKB 35/III too.

i did think of it, but i feel from what i’ve seen that the gewher is far superior

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I find it good for Moscow. Works great against PPSh spammers lol

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