Premium squads as crew Trainers? *Idea for Monetization*

Just winging this one by you guys but while I was playing around with my premium squads the thought occurred to me that maybe Premium squads/vehicles would have more of a value proposition to the customer if they were “Crew Training” squads IE the player could swap out the premium squad members and insert regular troops so that those troops may benefit from the premium XP bonus?


Pretty sure they had that in CBT. But ye would be nice. Also I want premium squads to have the same size as their non premium counterpart


I apologize if this topic has come up before but I could not find a similar topic in the search function. I would agree that a premium squad should have the capability of accepting additional regular troops to fill the roles, and perhaps a “premium” squad of four Assaulters should be able to accept an Engineer, sniper or whatever the owner desires. This way that price tag would make more sense because it would drastically boost a players ability to fill out five star “standard” squads and provide the freedom to build that premium squad in whichever way the owner sees fit. Freedom of choice is always a more favorable option when consumers choose where to spend their money eh?

But that is just my opinion.

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You’re fine. I would just say give premium squads the regular amount of troops and choices that freemium squads get



previously premium squads were able to do this but people cried and we no longer have troop trainers anymore.

@91224215 having premium squads be comparable to free squads would be nice instead of straight up worse.


Well, perhaps the premium soldiers should be sold separately or not at all? Perhaps the option of simply having a “Premium trainer squad” for a reasonable price would attract players to make a small investment that just makes sense from a value proposition.

Cosmetics cosmetics cosmetics! imagine being able to add charms and trinkets onto soldiers and their weapons like we do with tanks in War Thunder! The community could perhaps even be given an opportunity to create these items and a marketplace servicing this could be quite profitable. It doesn’t affect gameplay and everyone can get a piece of it.

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I mean, I’m suprised they didn’t make a Warthunder Talisman like system where you’d be able to make a free squad effectively premium, have premium squads with unique insignia and a few premium soldiers that come fully unlocked from the get-go, and then being able to buy further premium soldiers a la carte to throw into whatever squad you wanted, with premium soldiers locked at 4 stars.

It would both be more avenues for monetization, and mean you’d get more out of things. Of course, it would also make sense for them to be cheaper than they are at present, but… still.

I would say medals would be better

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I would say the matter is subjective. Perhaps medals as well. This game needs to make money to survive. We are in a symbiotic relationship with the creators of this game.

Might as well just stop selling premium squads and sell the weapons in limited packs.

Troops and weapons you get from gold orders could become premium too, providing a little XP bonus to the squads they’re assigned to. (I suggested that in a separate thread.)

And yes, premium squads could use at least one or two “free slots” where you can put regular soldiers to quickly train them.

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This could also make some sense.

True that, I mean the only reasons I would buy a premium squad would be for the “unique” guns and for the look of the squad.

I dont really care about the XP boots that much,
what I do care about tho, is the fact that Premium Squads are indeed worse than regular Squads.


I recently joined the dark side and bought premium account and the Normandy MG bundle.

First off, with premium account on, soldiers level up pretty quickly, yet leveling them up in a premium squad would be handy when premium expires.

Second, a 4 man squad armed with BARs is indeed strong, but imo not noticeably stronger than an endgame regular squad of 6-8 men with 1-2 gunners or assaulters, arty/mortar, Engineer II building rally points and MG nests here and there, and automatic weapons for everyone.

If giving an extra slot to premium squads is too much, I think it should at least be possible to replace some of them with regular troops and specialists, to add versatility without increasing the collective firepower.

And that is HUGE issue for value proposition to the customer. Premium squads would make more sense as crew trainers because well… we need to train our crews isn’t that a weird concept? Money is made when a need is fulfilled.