Premium Pass by the hours in game

Would it be crazy to have a premium pass based on time played and not by the day?

I sometimes find it hard to justify buying a 30-day pass when out of the thirty I might play 8 to 12 days out of 30 (weekends and Fridays)

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Guess you mixed up Premium Account with Premium Battlepass.

The Premium account is what you mean. However, buying it is up to you. However, maybe they could do it like in WT and other games, where you have a choice of 1, 3, 7 and 30 days of premium.

I personally don´t care though. It´s 10 bucks per month wich aint hurting me in anyways.

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i’ve seen people buying the battle pass and then cry about not getting premium time XP

No one does that premium time is always 24 hours a day countdown

That would be far too generous (into the point when it is on border with dumb) because then you would probably have your month of VIP lasting for multiple months. I have to defend this kind of approach this time because it wouldn´t be profitable at all.

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You guys are right, I just finished my three games this evening that allow achievement’s, afterwards only xp gain or pay gain to get more weapon, parts, troop cards,

Ya’ll have fun got to uninstall despite the fact it was fun till the last update that pushed the paywall in your face