Pps42 red

going in the shop and clicking more detail the games just show a normal pps42 insted of the red version

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Hi! Thx for report! It will be red soon


i find it amazing this can be fixed “soon” where lots of game issues , even visual ones that will take the same effort to fix like this one takes months to even be recognized or yet fixed.

not bashing your or dev work here, but its something someone has to consider…

you want one from the top of my head as a bonus?
striper clip guns.
shot once. reload 2 striper clips - 10 bullets.

but i understand, its more important to have a temporary reward “red” than a fking game bug/desision that frustrates your playerbase daily fixed.



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There isn’t any other forum for this, But for the Event I’m getting all the kills for the tasks only for them not to count! This game is broken. i’ve gotten hundreds of kills for the tasks only for them not to count AT ALL…

They dont count if you do them in Custom battles.

What a beautiful ratio

ay0 thanks that’s crazy