POV: artillery luger


A weapon to be feared for sure

i wasted alot of resources on this joke so please laugh thank you


well not much you can do about it

Break it down and enjoy your 5 bronze weapon orders


Now my question is, wo fuck use here, i dont mind if here was used as counter for the m1 carabine in normandy (it was even a good choice i think), but as gold weapon outside that 3 battle for fun wo keep use here

Jokes are never a waste of resources, ever.

To this day, the Berdan is still the best gold weapon avaible :laughing:


Berdan fking slaps! So much fun

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It comes with a smoke trail, a bit like the sniper from the first halo game.

Killing ppl with it is hilarious, I wish I could import it in Berlin or Stalingrad…

That smoke trail was present in every gun during alpha. Was so annoying lmao

Every gun? Damn must have been crazy with fast firing weapons like ppsh :laughing:

I’m glad the Berdan still has it thought. It’s just taunting your opponent even more:
“Ahah, I got you with the single cartridge meme gun, and I’m shooting at you from where the smoke comes from. Come at me, punk!” :stuck_out_tongue:

Now just wait till we can dual wield pistols :smile:


i want dual swords.

Hold on, didn’t they patched the thingy of transferring gold order weapons to other campaigns?

Why I can’t do that anymore with the mkhb 35

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I have no idea what you are talking about, pretty sure i can still transfer all of them. Now i need to check

Even mr admin with the cat profile ( so sorry… don’t remember the nickname ) said that it’s not supposed to be a thing.

all of them seems transferrable to me :man_shrugging:

pictures in case you dont believe me

yes i am able to actually transfer them its not just visual :point_up:

(also i think the cat guy is marsipan spelt in a wierd way iirc)

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Tried to other day to exchange the mkhb 35 from Moscow, to Berlin, but didn’t worked for me.

So I thought that this was already active since they spoked about it, and ( I my self ) couldn’t transfer that said mkhb. Not a tragic loss, but still. I was wondering.

i think that they are talking about the silenced pistols in that post actually (CZ vz, suppressed negant, welrod). so all other guns should still be transferrable, weird that yours isnt. what does the UI look like ?

You tried to verfy game file? Maybe some file relate to weapon transfer got corrupted, in the past update