Possible problem about new system balance

Strongest Main factions will be us,uk, ussr, germany, japan.
And majority will want to play germany, us and ussr thats for sure.
Italy finland romania and alike will also have dedicated players but numbers wont be high.
In all europe and north africa, german players will fight in everywhere.
With basic math, lets say us,uk,ussr all have 5 players at a time and no map or weapon timeline limits. If german only have 5 players this mean the other cant find enough real player, long ques and still unbalance. This is worrying. Considering that this is a long term game not like cod and it takes time to build your army. So a lot of people before switching abother faction will stay in the faction for long that they want to grind

US will be split over Normandy, Tunisia - mid-high tier of equipment and Pacific with low tier of equipment while Axis will be as always with more players that have maxed out gear. So Allies side will still be full of bots just like they are now. 26k daily players my ass.

How do you tell if there are bots? Something in their names?

We dont know if we even get subs to begin with and we NEED plebs to play Germany otherwise the whole system will collapse as well.

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It’s simple after match you need to spectate the game. Bots don’t move camera like real players do they tend to move too vividly with sharp unnatural turns. They also stay in open or go prone in the open and after few secs forget about the enemy they never try to flank. Their movement at points is non existent they just stand there at random and shake camera a little up and down up and down till they are killed by the enemy or shoot if they see someone at radius no fancy hiding under cover, peeking or building obstacles or ammo packs. They also can’t operate vehicles or flamethrowers/mortars. They rarely but can build rallies, call arty and throw nades at random but don’t use at rifles or rockets.


Before a match starts you can check the scoreboard, as bots only join when the match starts, so you can weed em out like that
Bots will also not:

  • Use vehicles
  • Have name decorators
  • Chat (Should be obvious)
  • Leave games like players, they will completely vanish off the scoreboard

I’m still hoping the devs make it obvious as to which “players” are actually bots by giving them generic names like Sarah, like how War Thunder does it.

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For a lomg time allies were superb in every campaign. I dont think allies lack players

Yeah they WERE, now Pacific Allies side is deserted and only play Tunisia and Normandy