Possibile weapon axis main faction can share for inflate the grind

[I count as main faction only japan and german because whe cant know if italy get his own tree for now]

Thinking about it japanese infantry tech tree is very small leaving aside veichle one whe already get almost all japanese infantry equipment of the ww2,Whe miss only something like the late war type100, full auto mauser c96 and some other infantry mg but for who have grinded the initial 26 level he already have everything he need

So for make it more bigger i think developers need add some german gun in the japanese tree and in return some japanese gun in german tree

Something like this

  • normal mp28/mp34 in japanese tree and s1-100,mp28 (50rd) and sig bergam (mp34 50rd) arrive in german tree

  • japanese get kar98k,carcano,normal zk29 and the normal zb the german get the Japanese zb scoped

  • both side get the full auto c96

Nothing to harsh or ahistorical mostly is sharing similiar gun for inflate both progression and make it more completed

Pointless, there’s already Japanese version of zb and kar. You would add them just more skins, nothing else. There’s no need to have big Japanese tree with half of the things from germany.

If axis player want variety and German equipment, he should go play Germany. Problem solved.


No and is not pointless withaut add more gun let be sure a japanese level for be unlocked need 3 times the normal xp ammount

If the grind is not inflate with guns is inflate with more xp

Im sure you gonna like 300k or more xp for the type2, i no, i prefere get more unlock at this point

So basically selish suggestion to satisfy your weird needs, I get it.

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Are not weird you need play war thunder for see how the inflation of xp in small tree is

  • Do you prefere play hours and hours for a single thing


  • Play the same time for a lot of thing

I play Germany and japan both, so it doesn’t matter. I would just get same items 2x.

There’s no need to overspam Japanese tree with copy pasted things that are already in game.

Maybe you not understand but

1st you unlock the gun on time indipendentaly from the faction

2nd for new player is better because they can get some early gun for all side

3rd help to reduce xp inflate

There is nothing to lose next if you dont have nothing smart to say other than"i dont like it" you can go

You literally don’t know how this would work, this is your made up speculation based on war thunder. And enlisted is not war thunder.
Your arguments are without any value then, that’s it.

All you want is overspam japanese tree with copy pasted things, which is kinda bizarre and it would completely destroyed uniqueness of this faction.

It gonna work like warthunder as other gaijin backed game work is not speculation is a fact all gaijin MMO game work in the same way if they have a tech tree

Go search japanese ww2 infantry equipment and see how much non japanese gun they used irl by capturing them or prewar lend-lese, you can like it or not is the only way for keep develop japanese tree

And be sure when italy get his own tree get german equipment as well brithis tree gonna be full of american equipment

So Uniqueness

This is not War thunder this is Enlisted, why are you only thinking in doomsday scenarios like they are going to force us to grind 500k per each weapon? Do you really think devs want people to get extremely mad and leave the game in droves? I don’t think so. We also don’t have repair and ammo cost if you haven’t noticed that already.

Because they need sell you premium time, whats the point of add premium time if you dont need it? How they monetize the progression if you unlock all gun you want easily for free?

But Whe can talk later when you see the abnormal xp requirment for equipment in small tech tree, when the update drop obliviusly, im only stating what is happened in all gaijin games, but i guess is to hard for people understand that If developers want you grind is better ask to let us grind a lot of thing who can be unlocked for more faction at same time easily, than a couple of unique thing hardly

And again this is not even the main point

Japan used kar98k as carcano as zk29, wtfk have people aganaist give them this gun is a mistery, when people whas ok to give them captured garand and thompson… mah!

all of those are pointless speculations, on reddit their community manager already said that you won’t be able to research for example all smgs at once you will have to research x items before you can move into next tier so same as war thunder (still better than enlisted that forces you to grind all stuff of the same tier). Premium packs in Enlisted doesn’t have tier rp bonuses all of them give +100% xp this monetization is not the same as WT.

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Again lest wait the update and after tell me if i was wrong, and again is not even the main point

I guess is hard read

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