Point on Quarry map very bugged (not capturing)

So I was playing Quarry (South), and, in the last point (1st one when map is played in another direction) I could verify the spawn capture was bugged.

You stand in there to capture the point, but if you start moving inside the area, then - at random spots - the “capturing” notification disappears and you will completely stop capturing the point. And you won’t be able to resume capturing it unless you keep moving around inside the point and find another random spot where it will start again, sometimes many seconds afterward.

It seems only certain areas inside the point are actually good for capturing, while about half of the area is bugged and you can’t capture the point if you stand in these places. I remember an identical bug to this one happening to the B point on the Prokovskoe City (Conquest) map. Not sure if that one was ever fixed because it has been forever since I played that map.

It was not the first time I have noticed this in the Quarry map recently, but now I’m able to guarantee the point is indeed bugged, as I noticed this was clearly also happening to my teammates since we had nearly the entire team inside the circle, but the audio message that “your team has started capturing the point” kept restarting and popping up several times, plus it took us forever to capture the point even though enemies couldn’t get even near it. Luckily we still won by far, but if the score was closer it could definitely have harmed our team and have cost us the match, as it took about 2x longer than normal to capture that point.

This is the point I’m referring to:

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If you’re talking about the building then yes, it’s bugged where standing on the first floor you can’t capture unless you’re on the second floor or you jump or stand on something on the first floor