Pls give Replay mode some love

I understand that is not possible to make a rewind feature in replay mode, as the code is written today.
But I would really like you to increase the fast forward speed to x10 or even more.

This single battle took me too many hours to even get the raw material from (all my editing/effects aside).

With a reasonable device, I would have done this video in an hour (not twenty), since I got some experience in this field.

It’s ridiculous that I have to fast forward 15 minutes to record one scene at the end of the battle and then if I want the very same scene from a different angle - I have to reload the whole thing and wait another 15 minutes.

This is even before clipping the scene.


the rewind is truly a must :confused:

and of course, the fast forward feature.


And a clip option for the good moment