Please revise AI course in Tunisia cave map

I understand AIs not following me when I go into a cave using unconventional ways(not using stairs). But it is so frustrating to see AIs not following me through the underground path. They act as if the path I go does not exist.


In fact it doesn’t exist for the AI, because for some reason they are not instructed to go here, kahakif have a lot of unresolved bot navigation problem

When attacking, the pathfinding on the last objective (one without a direct tunnel from a road) is the worst. There is a hole in the ground about 50m away from the objective that has tunnels that lead to either the last object, or the grey zone. If you put your bots down there, they 99% of the time run off to the grey zone and die. It would be the ideal spot for a rally if the pathfinding was crapped out.

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