Please polish your maps and some other questions

I wonder why you haven’t done a good job of optimizing your maps, although this update has some highlights, but
1.Why do I have to put away my weapon when I go upstairs? I HAVE NO FRIENDLY FORCES IN FRONT OF ME, even after a small pit, I have to collect the gun, can you properly fix this problem, a small height difference also let me collect the gun.
2.Can you fix the reloading problem with the G41, Johnson M1941, and Leefield rifles ASAP, especially the G41, why did I have to load another 10 rounds after I fired one,And this problem has not been solved since the game started
3.- Optimize the field of view of M1 and M1A1 Thomson submachine guns and M2 and M2A1 carbine guns as soon as possible, this is also a very old problem

“Why do I have to put away my weapon when I go upstairs”?
What do you mean?

When I go upstairs in the game, the sight I’m using is turned off, so you can’t use the sight when you’re on even a slightly undulating surface
I wanted to go up the stairs and search slowly, but many times I wanted to do that and I couldn’t use the gun’s sight, I don’t know if it was a bug or something

I know what you mean, that’s a little odd.