Playing with friends on cross platform

Hello I’m fan of the game but I have a concern one that I feel should be fixed if it hasn’t already. I recently read in the update that Consoles are able to opt in or out of cross play. Cool right? But why is it that as a PC player I still can’t invite my Xbox friends to play even with there cross-platform option turned on for all. I’m primarily an Xbox player but due to the console shortage I’ve been forced to buy the game on PC just to enjoy and yet I am unable to search for Xbox friends to squad up with. Which in turn makes life in the game very boring as the only people I’d like to assault the beaches of Normandy with can’t find me and I can’t find them in the search for new friends section. I don’t see the point in cross play if it’s impossible to squad up with others platforms but you can be in the same team as random ones. Please fix this or provide a solution if I’m doing something wrong. Also if possible a linking system to pull my account on too Xbox when I do get ahold of a console would be appreciated as all my progress and purchases are on PC and I want to play on console but the shortage is out of my hands.


i have a feeling as this is still in beta verison some of the features are not in the game probably , like for example looting dead bodies is in the game but at the moment they havent released it to us

PC and Xbox invitations are not enabled yet.

do we know when we be gettingg the ability to loot dead bodies to grab either guns or the ammo?

Uhh the guns can be grabbed just dont take too long to reach a dead body. However its not lootable.

So Playstation and PC are not enabled yet either?

No. Currently, you can only get into random matches with players from other platforms, but not add them as friends and play in one squad.

Someone mind letting me know if/when crossplay invites are live? would be nice to have

do we have an eta for an update that will implement this feature for us to be able to play as one squad?


Still no eta on when this will be implemented?


According to what I saw in a server update on the 17th of March they disabled because of complaints

It’s been a few weeks and it doesn’t seem to have changed and I can find certain console players just not my friends :pensive:

The game would be even better if we could play with our Xbox friends. Looking forward to that feature but I wish it could be added tomorrow or something :joy:

When crossplay will return is unclear. It was also only deactivated because the community wanted it that way.

Crossplay isnt deactivated at all i still play with up to 10 xbox players in the game each game. you just cant invite your xbox friends to a squad if youre on pc.

when can I squad up with my friends on PC and PS5? Hurry up and make this feature available for us.


For the moment, you can’t

Since the entire concept of crossplay was to allow friends with different systems still play together is effectively has. In fact, there are some annoyances to playing with strangers on other systems so we get all of the bad and none of the good and it’s entirely pointless. Me and my friends got this game because it said it has crossplay. Two of us have a PC that can handle the game. A different combo of us have PS5s but there is no way for the 3 of us to play together which was the whole point.