Player dies but could not be respawned for about 5 minutes

My character got killed but instead of either being able to take over as another squad mate or respawning in a new squad - I had a frozen view from my character’s viewpoint (lacking any of the normal heads-up display information). I could not move, change my camera view, select another squad mate, use the Escape menu to sucide, or do anything at all except hit Enter and type text messages. After about 5 minutes, the frozen display cleared and I was shown the map, to respawn in a new squad.

This is a gameplay issue, not a graphics issue, but there is no catagory I can select for that.

I’ve only encountered this issue once so far!

Win-10 (i7-5820k, 32GB), RX480 (8GB)

Have you tried to press “Y” long time to select manually a new soldier?
Always worked for me.