Planting a flag

Hi, this is maybe a weird suggestion but, may i suggest planting a flag game mechanic to enlisted? This idea was start when i was watching a ww2 movie, when they plant a flag in a reichstag campaign, i was feel “i want do it in enlisted”. Likely i want to plant a soviet flag on a reichstag building. Thank u.

*Sorry for my bad english, i use translate but hope u guys understand. :smile:


I want to put Canadian flags everywhere, while apologizing because I’m planting said flags.


I actually like this idea, wouldnt be much different from the wallpapers we get to put on walls.

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Would be pretty cool feature, like if your team captures a objective one person can plant a flag there, or the objective can have a flag at the objective by default making it look more like a fortified objective or key point instead of some random barn, farmhouse or windmill

don’t be, the canadian empire needs to grow damn it!


You must defend the soldier who carrys Soviet flag. If he drops the flag commisar executes him for high treason


would love to see a escort like game mode where a player has to carry a flag and try to get to the other side of the map to win. maybe have extra rounds if it goes too quick.

The Swiss flag is better, no one will understand why they lost.