Personal Profile and the Steel Fortress event

Imo events are used to test the gamemode / map and get data for further game ballancing. Restricting time we can play, will concentrate players and will make it easier to make full / semi-full teams and get good data.


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Asia is not a real place. It was invented by the American to have a pretext to go to war. Duh.

00:00 — 04:00 (UTC) and 14:00 — 18:00 (UTC)
in japan means
09:00 - 13:00 (UTC+9) and 23:00 - 03:00 (UTC+9)


WTF, you dont even know time zone???

This could get interesting event.

The change that we have a statcard is also good. Nut with the K/D I am awenig skeptical, but let’s see how it develops further

It’s Christmass my dear fox. Suit up!

Xmas Keofox3


You wrote only about 14:00 - 18:04 and I thought you missed 00:00 - 04:00 (and I swaped the hours because why not. If do sth badly, do everything badly.). I should have checked timezone so maybe I’d realise what you mean, my bad.

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We can’t view other people’s games cards yet, on ps5 I get error.

I spotted Antitank too, I kill lots of tanks with AT, but no biggie, I want to see others though.

Hoping there will be add functionality at some point too.

when can we meet new economy system

It also says N/A on leaderboard when looking at your own player.

Yes. We have already noticed this bug. Let’s fix it.



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Oh my! This is so cool

I can’t imagine how my stats are

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My man keofox really out here working christmas day

I’m just a mere conscript, I don’t care for those shiny baubles 🤷

Good for tryhards I suppose :thinking:

In any case it’s not removing anything from the game, but adds new things so good update.

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I can’t take stats too sesrious here especially WR & K/D as you can choose playing a faction in one campaign that has a guaranteed win due to lacking of the players for the opposite team. As for the event gl to all of those who will attempt to get on the top for one shiny medal and this lol this one is the best part - portrait and nickname decoration that expires in 60 days if you don’t hit that top place. This mode that they have chosen for the event has one of the highest rate of deserters and you don’t get bots to replace them. So you will end up either having more players than enemy or the other way around. Nvm I’m cursed for getting this map over and over and over lol




We in Russia appreciate the New Year more and have a rest from January 30 to 10. Our Santa’s name is Dedushka Moroz. He is strict but fair and wears a blue fur coat. :slight_smile:



My Russian language skills are about 3 decades behind me, but isn’t dedushka supposed to be grandfather the same way that babushka is grandmother?

This is more of a sanity check for me than anything. I really like the graphic, by the way!.


Will you, have stats for the engineers?, as not all players are just killing machines, and some play for the so called team play, and helping the team.
Be nice to see how many Rally points i have built, or ammo distributed, or how sand bags saved, xxx amount of lives etc