Pe-3 dilemma

Is it worth upgrading this fine example of a piece of crap or is it just as bad after the upgrades?
Would i be wasting my orders or not?

Is a crap even after the upgrade, no slightly buff can make him better

Pe2 is far more better

Thx. I was excited when i first got it because i thought that it was smth on the lines of the bf110.
Man was i wrong… Funny how a plane struggles to… fly.

How’s that? from the specs i see it’s worse than the Pe3

Is a pre war russian plane, the Bf-110 was builded during the war, are not comparabile

More bomb more defense more crew … anything else ?

if you use combat flaps then plane is more agile :slight_smile: just advice

Don’t bother with it, the flight model is all kinds of busted. In War Thunder (from where it is taken), this plane is great, and it should have been the same in Enlisted too, considering its bombing capacity is not that special.

On the other hand, it will probably get fixed at some point. If you really want it patched, I suggest making a thread in bug reports, and they will listen and look at it.

First flight December 1939, it’s not pre war

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Russia enter in war in 1941 so is pre-war

bf 110, first flight May 1936

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You was waiting that i say that

Ok is Bf-110 is more old sorry next time i go check date

It is not a pre-war plane - the Pe-3 was a wartime development of the Pe-2, and design didn’t start until July 1941. It was produced from 1941 to 1944.