PC player managed to slip into a console only match

So as the title says somehow some random PC player was playing in a console only match, and I can assure you PC crossplay was off, I always have it off. That dude definitely slipped past security lol.


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lol console problems, but you might find it might be a upcoming future for windows that allows you to play your xbox via the PC

PC player can get into console match, actually. In order to do that, he has to play in squad, where console player is commander (crossplay option must be turned off)


yea its to bad pc players cant turn off console players all together
its interesting that console players get a choice but pc player dont


Eh…as a console player I only play with crossplay on…I have no problem with this what’s so ever…


Normal its impossible to start a Match, if One of your Squad have other Setups then You.

All Players must have the same Activations, really interesting.

I honestly don’t have a problem with console players in my games. In fact it might be unfair to them but well it’s their choice how to play the game.

it should also be my choice to play with them or not if i want cross play off i should be able to do just like console players

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I agree with this, I mean before the update PC vs PC was a thing

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