Panzerfaust 150

can we have the panzerfaust 150 for berlin? they were used in combat unlike the STG45M and it would make a fine AT weapon considering it can do up to 320mm of penetration.


Then soviets will be able to pen hull of tiger 2 from the front. Do you really want it?

320 mm of pen is an overkill now.


Shouldn’t the fathead fausts go through it already?

You mean panzerfaust 100? It has 220 mm pen, as I remember, and it only pens panther.

If *nglo reports are to be believed, then all models after the klein go through 200mm at 30°, including the 150.
It also claims that the klein can go through 200mm flat, so the big ones going through the tigger sound plausible.

Nevermind, I just misread that line.

People cry about tanks, wouldn’t this fix the problem? :eyes:

why not… the panzerschrek instead?.

just like the stg 44, they are kinda dragging this for too long than what it had to / was needed.

It would be better to not have same AT guns weapons across all campaigns…

i mean, it would make much more sense to have them both in normandy and berlin.

instead of that… tube that we can wear with the cool gas mask.

i mean yeah. plus the pzf 150 could possibly deal with greyzoning tanks with relative ease