Pacific Perks all messed up

Hi I just purchased the special $30 package for the new Pacific theater maps and suddenly all my soldiers are all upgraded and the game has randomly decided the perks even though I don’t want them to have randomly decided the perks I want to decide what perks get picked and now I have to like either backtrack or figure something else out but it it’s ruined my characters cuz they have a bunch of stupid stuff and please fix this.

So? just reroll them, not that hard

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First off that cost me in game money and real world money to reroll, second that’s not the problem. The problem is that they all the perks have already been randomly decided by the ai as soon as I loaded the game. So now I have to spend currency to fix them or I need to spend a retraining point of which I have a limited amount and then will still have to train them back up AGAIN, so any training I have them again now will be for not. This is not what the game is supposed to do.

you know there is a free way to get different skills if you don’t get the one you want?

Dude, ive bought the pacific thing too and those training points are not hard to get, besides i believe all the soldiers you start with all have 4-5 points you can use off the bat

Ok, what is the free way to get different skills?

They all had 4 empty stars, so I still had to earn the points to fill them up and make the stars blink, and then I would have had the opportunity to decide the perks for them, instead the game has taken my decision making out of my characters.

Like i said just reroll, click on the perk you don’t like and when it asks if you wanna use a perk point say yes and just do that for all of the soldiers. If you run out perk points you will gain more when you play the game and your soldiers gain XP

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And you can still reroll even if that specific soldier has no perk points, the perk you wanna change will just become blank like when you add a totally new soldier you have just bought.

I did that but that still doesn’t totally fix the problem because some of the other perks that the game picked are taking up some of the perk points so I can not get the most valuable perks.
The game should not have chosen my perks for me, I don’t care if the game things they know what perks are best they are making the whole situation worse and harder.

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Lol, don’t know what to tell ya bud. Is it inconvinient, yes. Hard and gamebreaking? Nope

Listen dude, I don’t mind the game being hard and grindy, I mind that the game took the ability to decide something for myself away from me. So, why don’t you stop making excuses for either a glitch or a busted mechanic that is going to make me spend more of my real world hard earned money and time to fix.

Get a free skill slot by either upgrading the trooper or removing a perk you don’t want. Then play that trooper until he levels up and you can roll for a new perk. Repeat untill you get the desired perks.

Ya it’s kind of messed up, I have had the same experience, it’s actually harder this way than just getting the normal way imo, the advantage is of course you start with a lot of perks even if you don’t like most of them.

When you add new Soldiers to your units though they start off empty

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Thank you Brady, could not have put it better myself.

Delete the perk then get XP.

Deleting everything is like starting fresh.

Though there is a positive thag they may have a perk you want automatically.

and there you finally realised the truth that is hitting you in the balls

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First time I’ve ever bought a bonus squad and I did so because I wanted the Amtank but it has now ruined my pacific experience because now every squad is fucked up as soon as I get it. Thanks a lot developers for making the most annoying game mechanic if all time, seriously screw whoever came up with this idea, like paying someone to piss on my head.

It is annoying having to reroll the perks it randomly assigns. It would be better if they just gave us the points so we could choose the perks.

I would suggest against ever spending money on perk rolls; gaijin shouldn’t be rewarded for forcing microtransactions on the perk slot machine

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