Pacific new tunisia v2 for allies side

pacific new tunisia v2 for allies side, try finding real players… axis just farming bots in pacific.
What great campaing you developers added. Good job!!


I mean you could just be up against noobs. Also most people will be flooding to play as the Japanese faction because they’re new. Over time things will mellow out

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this would be so easy to fix if developers added match maker. Simple as that but no.

People have been excited for the Pacific to be released. And since the Japanese are the newest faction in the game, a ton of people are gonna play it.

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No surpise thier lol if it was japs vers rusia you wouldnt have a isue lol

rotflmao I woundlt know I wont play it. Now I wouldnt mind being a jap to fight rusia though lol

No one in their right mind wants Manchuria, that would be imbalanced to all hell, especially with tanks.

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Someone can test that with Berlin Soviet vs Japan in custom games. Sounds like lots of PPSh and T-34s to dispose the Japanese.

No need for that, just look at the most paper tank the Japanese can possibly get, the Chi Ri II, and then compare it to a T-34-85, nevermind a IS 1 or IS 2.

I don’t know why you think it’s the devs fault that everyone wants to play the factions with massively inferior weaponry just because it’s new. If anything they could leave it as is and it will probably swing back hard.

I’ve had “join either side” checked, mostly getting Japan, and usually seeing Japan winning, so I’m not sure what’s going on that it works that way.