Pacific levels


So, since you.have a hull MG working for the Japanese tank, does that mean you can bring it to other campaigns finally?

Lol poor allies. They get an :

An Owen gun (which probably won’t come with an Aussie squad)

A Enfield P14 (Why? Pretty sure US didn’t use it since they had their own version the 1917 Enfield? And again, I’m doubtful a commonwealth squad would be unlocked with it)

Johnson LMG (pretty cool)

M50 Reising (pretty cool)

Browning shotgun (cool but ultimately useless since shotguns in this game have no range or hitpower)

And that’s about it for new stuff (aside from vehicles I don’t care about)

And really 2 Springfield snipers? I’m guessing the Winchester Model 70 will be unlocked later, but why not replace one of those springfields with a scoped M1917 Enfield…

Good job! I hope to see them as soon as possible after this update

As @41565865 said, this is most likely one of those few tanks from War Thunder with a working mg on the hull.
But I hope this is the beginning of the introduction of such in Enlisted.


Will the battle pass expire on time? Or is there an informal extension?
The Battle Pass has already been officially extended. From 75 days to 15 weeks (30 days increased).
As long as it has been officially extended, I hope that there will be no more informal extensions.

People get tired of extending battle pass.
This time it will be even more boring as it is officially extended.


Question about the “Banzai Mechanism”,

The Pacific Ocean is steeped not only in the scent of salty seawater, but also in the spirit of heroism, so it is with this campaign in Enlisted that the berserk-attack mechanic will appear, during which your soldier will gather all of their strength and unleash it in a rush with a cold weapon in their hands.

Clutch your rifle and bayonet tighter, draw your trusty sword or arm yourself with an axe, then press the attack button while running to noticeably speed up and unleash fury on your enemy.

Will there be a Berserk or Banzai charge order for AI soldiers Either? it would be good to see entire squad charging with their Bayonets though.


This is not a new thing. There are already hull mounted Mg in some tank destroyer. I think only the tank without coaxial mg will get them.


Please tell me y’all are planning to add squads diversity like Australians and common wealth for Allie’s in Pacific campaign. It seems odd having U.S use some of these guns. Also, why are we giving Japanese German smgs? I know it’s a game and it can’t be historically accurate to the letter but this just seems lazy…

Also planes seem useless in this campaign, no rockets or anything special, some old concept i thought maybe napalm or something new.

Also no boats?? Like boat with mounted MGs? I thought y’all wanted to change the play style to something unique since this is mainly island maps, but campaign levels seem like the same old grind for weapon tanks and planes? What makes this different than all the other campaigns? Y’all said you would have different mechanics for the pacific. So we preorder and get hyped up and lied to again? If this is so, I don’t think I can support this game anymore. Kind of disappointed.


I have some questions about it.

It is a bit strange to make the initial vehicle an experimental one that only one was built…

Type 1 rifle
What is it?
Literary translation it means “一式小銃” but it is non-adopted prototype of paratrooper’s rifle with foldable stock, but such thing seems suitable for gold-order weapon.

Type 97 anti-tank rifle
Carry 60 kg of heavy 20 mm semi-auto cannon. What a mighty soldier!

Shin gunto Type 95
This name seems very strange.
“Shin gunto” (New Sword) is just a nickname, and official name is Type 95 Sword. Seen from Japanese, mixing both name sounds strange.

Type 97 LMG
Such name of weapon is not exist in both Japanese army and navy. What weapon do you think?

  • Type 97 Vehicle-Mounted 7.7mm Heavy Machine Gun (九七式車載重機関銃)
    • 7.7 mm heavy machine gun for tanks and armored cars.
  • Type 97 7.7 mm Fixed Machine Gun (九七式七粍七固定機銃)
    • 7.7 mm aerial machine gun
  • or other?

Type 5 rocket launcher
Again, such name of weapon is not exist in both Japanese army and navy.
Japanese Anti-tank weapon labeled with Type 5 is only Experimental Type 5 45 mm Simple Recoilless Gun. (試製五式四十五粍簡易無反動砲)

Ke-Ni vs M3 Stuart
Ah… to be honesty, Chi-Ha with 47 mm gun is still better.

Type 2a SMG
I have a question what type of it. Is it a Improved Vehicle-Mounted type of Experimental Model 2 machine pistol? or original version?




Because Japanese navy bought and used 6~7,000 of them. they were named Type Be SMG (べ式 機関短), and used until 1945. Japan introduced both SIG M1920 (MP18~MP28) and S1-100 (MP 34) from Switzerland, and both all were called Type Be.

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I think they tried to say Type I rifle, Japanese Carcano you know. That one is still wierd, but well it at least makes more sense then Type1 Rifle.

what big disapointment, for usa. another copy paste faction. Thank god i didn´t pre order this :poop:

If it is true, it is disappointing…
Type I/Italy rifle had very low reliability so it was used by only some second-line naval garrison and naval sailors (especially on second-line vessels like motor torpedo boats)
I hoped that they placed other more popular Japanese bolt-action rifle like Type 44 Carbine, Type 99 Short Rifle etc., and put Type Italy as gold-order or premium squad.

Was expecting the 1903A3, 1917 Browning, New and interesting marine tommies.

No - fuck you have a grease gun, BARs, M50, garands again

Type “Be”/Bergmann is Japanese name of SIG-Bergmann M1920, and S1-100 was called Type “Su”/Steyr machine pistol.

@1942786 show us a clip of banzai charge.
and if not possible ,the only question is that will our ai squads also charge with us when we banzai charge ,only player controlled banzai charge wont work,therefore,will the ai also charge with their respective players?

i totally agree with you.

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well me either. also Pretty disappointing that they have gave Giretsu kutetai the Type1 smg instead of Early Type100 with Paratroopers folding stock.

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Oh I see.

It seems like the devs took 0 feedback from us when we designed the campaigns as suggestions.

They did you dirty especially since you put in so much work making so many of those posts only for us to get the same generic BF5 prototype level trash.


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