Overall performance issues. Seemingly all campaigns

The issue started when me and my friend started playing tunisia, and all of the sudden we get a completely massive rubber banding, way harder then before. After that day we also both of us get massive FPS drops when we play, well basically any campaign and lag comes mainly from explosives going off, like artillery, bombs, demopacks, grenades. I got no idea what has caused this. Before we played tunisia i had a fair decent FPS at about 120+ Now as fast as there is any form of explosive going off on the map the FPS drops from 120+ to 70 or even 30 sometimes and almost sometimes a complete freezeup. It’s not only me, my friend has it aswell were he basically can’t play at all almost with it.


I have same problem, especially with rubber banding that causes me to get stuck for considerable amount of time.
This big update is just one big disastrous gift that keeps giving.

Rubber Band Central Here.

Still after all this time the lag is still very much relevant ingame and it’s getting progressively worse over time im falling now from 140 FPS down to 30 to 20 fps and hopping back up. Basically if anything intense happens the server and the game just breaks completely.

Why hasn’t this been fixed yet?