Our Plans to Change the Explosive Packs

Explosives are an inseparable part of your soldiers’ arsenal, and this aspect of Enlisted has to be as diverse and interesting as guns. This dev diary is dedicated to perfecting the thrown explosives.


Any explosion in Enlisted is realistically modeled through two major factors: the blast wave and the fragments. The blast wave deals devastating damage but quickly loses its potential over distance, while the fragments are spread over larger area, making them especially effective against troops.

Радиус распространения взрывной волны (желтый) и осколков (синий  ) противопехотной гранаты
Spread of the blast wave (yellow) and the fragments (blue) of an anti-infantry grenade

Right now the influence of these factors isn’t apparent enough, and that impacts the balance between grenades and explosive packs, making the latter more preferable due to their high damage and effective radius.


In future Enlisted updates we plan to make explosion packs and grenades specialized, more effective against certain targets.

At the moment the number of fragments generated by grenades and explosive packs is nearly identical, and that’s not quite correct. In reality explosive packs lacked extra fragments and instead relied on the power of the blast wave to pierce the armor. At the same time grenades were used to destroy the infantry, making their fragments the key factor in their effectiveness. We intend to make this difference more pronounced in Enlisted by cutting the number of fragments dispersed by explosion packs.

This change will make grenades more preferable against large gatherings of foot soldiers thanks to the fragments striking the targets over a wide radius, while keeping explosion packs effective against vehicles due to high impact of the blast wave that won’t suffer any changes.

We share our plans in advance to hear back from you: what are your ideas on how to make thrown explosives better in Enlisted?


I like this. But what about the grenade launcher?


I like when you ask in advance, i would welcome this change, do you consider limiting of equpiment such as explosion packs per squad as well or is it too drastic ?

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May be slightly reduced along with the change in damage. Let’s discuss. Is it worth it to do so?


What about a grenade launcher?


In my opinion yes, it would require more effort to kill tanks in medium distances, right now it’s pretty easy to oneshot vehicles with packs at a distance so tanks tend to camp far behind enemy lines (about it everyone as you sure know is complaining). Reducing the throwing distances would encourage tanks to cooperate more with infantry. Also it would pose more a threath also to the user, and the latter wouldn’t throw in only at the end of the time like an impact grenade but in a shorter time, giving the tank time to evade the attack.


There are some details in the game that would be very painful to change.

You can slightly change the damage of explosive packages, but give players the opportunity to exchange them for grenades.

But imagine that we completely take away two explosives from each fighter and leave one. Where to put the rest? How will the player take it?

I’ll say it easier. We are ready to make changes because we know about your problems. but we want to know your opinion.


It would also make grenade throw range more prevalent. The only thing I think it needs is a different hand indicator when the perk is applied to the soldier

So for example, the hand pointing forward and using the tip of the pointer finger instead of just the thumb. A great way to show your soldier has the grenade range perk without being intrusive


We appreciate the prompt updates! You guys are killing it!


That they are spamming. It’s one thing to have during the event, but slowly in normal battles as well. If I saw it well only in the last 2 days there were 2 topics about it. Not to mention the video that quadro did. It’s weird that it avoids your attention. Of course, it’s worth dealing with when almost every player realizes how op 9 people are with 2 grenade launchers that don’t need to be targeted and everyone dies in a 5m area or a house.


Oh, you’re talking about a rifle grenade launcher, not an anti-tank one. I understand.

We saw.
We’ll reduce the damage.


How long will it take?

No, dont nerf throw distance


They will implement a limit of how many soldiers can carry a certain weapon, quick example the grenade launcher, since they improved it, people are abusing this by having squads of 9 guys all equipped with grenade launchers, they should limit this, since using a little logic, not all soldiers were trained to use a grenade launcher.

Just a bit I suggested

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hopefully these changes will come with the implementation of TnT loads

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I would honestly settle for explosive packs actually having a slightly larger blast wave radius, but with a much shorter throwing range: they can’t be thrown as far and as high anymore. Especially with 50% extra throwing range, which takes the only difference between grenades and explosive packs (the range at which they can be thrown) out the window.


Mr. Fox, I think we can add delay to the explosive bag. At the same time, the task of anti tank should be entrusted to the anti tank hand more than to the explosive bag. At this stage, the anti tank weapons in many campaigns are very poor. In real life, the explosive bag can only destroy the tank tracks or equipment with heavy armor at most. Instead, you can upgrade the anti tank hand weapons, Now the anti tank weapons of the US Army in Normandy pose no threat to leopard tanks and Tiger tanks. At the same time, blasters should be able to throw more explosive bags. After all, professional people do professional things. They can’t always expect infantry to fight against tanks, which is not professional for them


Alternatively, why can’t we get anti-tank grenades? You could reduce the effectiveness of explosive packs against tanks in general so they can be used to wipe lighter tanks and struggle with medium/heavy tanks. Anti Tank grenades however could deal more damage against vehicles while having bad shrapnel dispersion.

AT grenades should be pretty heavy and generally I’m against the idea of some of them exploding on impact since that could be annoying unless balanced properly.



Cool. Grenades might have a place and anti tank soldiers maybe more usefull to have on a squad.

Remove the grenade backpack or make it only certain percentage of soldiers in a squad that can have them.

9 soldiers, everyone with 3 grenades and rifles with grenade launcher isn’t fun.