Optimized and Improved Graphics

What great news but, we will also see improvements in the faces of some soldiers, especially in the Tunis and Stalingrad campaigns, more than anything in Tunis, the faces of the soldiers lack details such as scars, beards and things like that, the faces are too clean to look like they’re in a battle


I can’t belive it, Pacific is campaign that finnaly made devs work really good?

Laughs in PC master race.

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240FPS gameplay

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well i really like this news. not so much about improved graphics, but rather about optimizations. maybe we could even get bigger battles with better optimizations. but i am skeptical about netcode…

well they do. when there is some event rubberbanding is intolerable. either server need upgrade, or netcode.


@1942786 any chance unit patches come back? I know they were removed for performance reasons but if the game is well optimized now they can come back


we have received so many useful news, thanks dear fox @1942786 .
new recruit,Delay optimization, performance optimization, etc

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Extreme concern about this.
Current plane gameplay is already extreme depend on server & network performance.
Even clumsy player as me, I can feel the difference between 100ms and 140ms PING on controlling planes between EEU and EU server.
(Also, no East Asia server for new South east Asia campaign?)
Also dont forget server always “exploded” during event or night peak period:

Let alone, just now, on EU server, there’s a near 200% server load spike.

Now, I am very sure, the aim circle do not include network delay. For so many times, I’d rather wait behind the enemy plane until they fly straight away from me.

If you are moving infantry system entirely on server side. I can imagine when server overloads, even moving will be a nightmare.


That’s some beautifull water you got here.
Congrats! :clap:

Hope to see one day in the game vegetation reaction to explosion and gun shot.

Reaction to blow:

Reaction to bullet:

In comparaison, Enlisted vegetation looks like made of stalinium.

Very promising update none the less.


That’s a very impressive job. (Writing directly via assembly codes…)
I still remember my friend complained about his RTX3090 is slower than my GTX1080 on this game. Just because he was using i9 9900K, while I am using a higher single core performance R5 5600X.

But still, according to dev’s previous attitude to console platforms. (Console ALWAYS get lots of severe bugs, and even for recent events, console side still get delayed behind PCs)

Maybe dev should launch any event & updates the same time as PC side. That’s will be the major improvement for console players.

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Finally we can get pounds at different sea levels.

Hope we can get dynamic water flow effect of stream/creek like ARMA Reforger:


It’s already 4 years later :joy:

Also, do you really want to support XeSS as Intel showed its ARC GPUs?
(I know ARC GPU maybe eventually failed…)

considering that 99% of the people cant notice the difference between raytracing and rasterization (except in performance), rtx support really isnt top priority. better optimizations are.

lmao this monkey looking thing


Pacific is worth it just for that.

ps. sorry if your Japanese and that’s some sort of symbolic animal or something but that just looks hilarious.


Lol, didn’t notice that. This truly is what the game needed after all


in memory of harambe.

It all looks great, the water looks really good too, with the rain hitting it. I love updates like this, seeing the devs continue to improve all aspects of the game.

Ahahaha, I love Doug.

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Consoles getting some love.

Now just increase render distance of infantry.

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This is Amazing news!
Great job boys.

and I have a question

Is the LVT1 a rideable vehicle??