Opinion on Strongest gun in the game?

Personally I have it for the PPSH as the strongest with the AVT as a close second.

m1 carbine


AVT-40 number one, FG42 II is second

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g43kurz > fg422 > avt40 > fedrov > sniper mkb42> mp43


G43K > Fedorov

Fedorov by far, next probably fg42-2 = avt40, following by mp43/stg44


PPSh for USSR yes along with the AVT, AVS, Fedorov and PPD

M1 Garand



Any late war LMG
Better kill speed than SMG up close, great kill speed at range (single shots), can clear whole squads easily without needing reload. No other weapon besides vehicles can kill so many enemies so consistently and efficiently.

G43k is best gun in game hands down. No comparison

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Which faction uses this? Germans?

G43k, avt, fg42II, avs, mkb, sniper stg.

Yes. Gold order season 2 weapon for normandy and or berlin.

I’ll also throw my name in for saying the G43 Kurtz is and will always be the best gun in the game.

Until I can spam VG1-5s that is.

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Revolver nagant

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What he said but swap the fedorov with the scoped mkb and replace the mp43 with the stg44.