⭐ Operation “Silent Hunter”

I think all of the events have referenced GMT…if you go back and look through the NEWS section.

What threw me off initially is I could swear it used to be called UTC…but I guess the meaning is the same.

Maybe I’ve been using the wrong converter all this time then. I’m not mad at anyone, just confused and tired lol; but another user also had the time wrong apparently. I saw in another post where they said it’d start in 16 hours and that was 16 hours ago.

And yeah, they used UTC before. I might have intended to type that in and typed something else in. So it should start about four more hours, right?

It’s live now. Gentleman (and women!) start your game engines!

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GMT is now.

just google GMT time to “country” time…

13 gmt. is exacly now. not in 4h.

also . UTC = GMT.




Oh it was 1300, I showed up at 1200 and then was looking at 1700 :sweat_smile:

I’m a little rarted in the mornings :joy: :joy:



SAS avatar_7ed5c1ac5b3c252067f71e4f0cdf3523


ewww jesus! disgusting!

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+100% XP bonus for real?
Now I wish we got Brandenburgers in Moscow or Tunisia instead.


:point_up_2: :exploding_head: :metal:


Inb4 “translation error”


Who is that? A future squad, or more cosmetic options? She’s not one of the two “witches” pilot ?

Also I’m so saving that nose picking SAS for later :stuck_out_tongue:

Is a sniper with an uchanka dont be to much exited

I just don’t recall that character. It’s either:

  • future gold order soldier
  • future premium squad soldier
  • future cosmetic option.

Or a joke from Keo.

Go on a soviet campaign and look at your clone face, as i said is a common sniper soldier with an uchanka

Where can i see the progress of this event ??

In the event tab

where is the tab? cant find any button :confused:

Up to daily task is the same of costum matches