⭐ Operation “Silent Hunter”

a lot of “phase” dont need more than an hour for we good player, and each phase last for 2/3 days, is a easy event

dear keofox

SAS dagger is the collectible blades? not more Officer command knife?
Has the planning of the event reward been changed?
so sad for it.
but this Summer activities maybe better~ hope the Number of players participating in the event can be better~(for the real players. not the one who will complet less than three tasks)

The 30 headshots is easy
The AT gun kills might be a little annoying
Still not as hard as actually winning a game

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Thanks for announcing the event early.

Thanks for adding profile portraits to the rewards.

This looks like the largest event in Enlisted to date (that I’m aware of).



It sounds really good i cant wait!!!

Finally we have some real portrait, not screenshots image

Jesus Christ! You’re treating us with this one! Thanks!!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Not just that, but thanks to those squads composition, they will remain effective even late game. :+1:

Also, I recognize the fantastic art from your crew. Being able to use it as player profile is amazing!

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looks very solid.

and rewards are quite nice.

only have a few nichels about this event though…

didn’t you made a few events ago without this restriction?

are those meant to be premium squads?

or we will be able to change weapons?

don’t get me wrong, i’m very astonished by the guns, they look amazing, and i’m interested to use them.

although, as i’m a huge fan of make my actual units historically accurate with apropriated loadouts, i would like to know if we can change them to suit bolt actions, and others weapons such as semi auto rifles.

also, their cosmetics looks amazing, but for the germans they are using BA pouches.

when customization will be a thing for also the others campaing, will we be able to change them? or not.

just a few and small questions.

but beside that,

keep up the good work :smiley:


I’ll switch to that one immediately in Stalingrad. Even if we have legendary KV and T34. I love the bt7… but a bt7 with great gun??? Eheh I’m really happy.


Me either, i dont use other event tank because they are already outgunned by both enemy/friendly free one, but in stalingrad for now the new event bt7 is one the same level of them so it can be used withaut lowering our efficiency :smiley:


I still use the Rhino. I don’t care if it’s a starter tank: it’s fun. And it’s better shells CAN pierce pz4 and stuff (with patience).

Once a campaign is maxed, I like to revisit older vehicles for fun from time to time, too. Like in Berlin with the wooden planks TD for axis.

In short I don’t absolutely NEED the most meta loadout to have fun :thinking: (must be why I still enjoy bolties a lot)


I see more panther than pz4, rhino is a bit outgunned in this moment

I don’t see that many panthers to be honest :thinking: Still a big majority of Pumas. When theres the somewhat rare panther, I merely Piat it…


Good for you then

Greatest event since last years summer event :slight_smile:

This looks really cool, I’ve been wanting to see modified camo with like tree bits and stuff added. The suppressor on the sten looks really nice too.

You’re right, I had forgotten each phase lasts 48 h instead of 24.

Cant wait so long, let us staaaart :grimacing: :grimacing: :exploding_head:

so great that now you can do taks when ever you want not the bullshit timeframe like other events…

Event isn’t showing up? Did you mean to use GMT (Greenwich time)? I don’t recall seeing you guys use that one before. If so, it’s BST in summertime I guess.

Got up at 0600 for the event, but it won’t start until noon if that’s right :sweat_smile: