⭐ Operation “Silent Hunter”

S.A.S. Squad :heart::heart::heart:

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Why not apply it to all gold order soldier too?


A very interesting and nice event :comet:
In the near future will be new discounts for squads or gold?

just go to tunisia or moscow, take a sniper rifle and you can complete the task in 1 game.


Yee… But still… It’s not hard.
I don’t use snipers, can’t use sniper rifles and sucks in aiming…
But I still can do 1-5 headshots in round… Even if i don’t try do it.

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Yep. Literally take a auto weapon and shoot at a bunch of AI.

I m yet to find a easier game to get headshots than this one.


Good event.

But since even Event squads can get a fifth specialist, can we get one specialist for the PPK and the New Zeland squad as well (and old premium squads)?


I prefer Boys.

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I mean, you have to play several games in regular battles for this task.

And I currently prefer playing LF instead of squads.

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this seems like a amazing thing, the way you earn the rewards and you dont need to no life it to get the bet rewards

alittle faith is resestored

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sounds like you’re in for hard time then

Oh yes, my most played tank in WT comes to Enlisted! Mobility of a BT-7, firepower of the T-34 + 2 MG’s.

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Great event and I really want to have the german squad. But why such a event in the main holiday season where I lot of people will not have the time to get all this nice stuff?
I can only finish 6 task, the rest of the days I’m on vacation, so I have to buy it with gold.

Great event, but wrong period of time for me.

Any chance we will be able to equip default weapons on them, I really like the uniforms but I would rather avoid a squad full of automatics

Sniper rifles are bad if you are going for headshots. low damage high firerate smg’s are much better


Oi!!! The bush boys meta begins!!

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problem is killing crew with AT guns and AT grenade launchers… killing tanks with any weapon is much easier.


enlisted in the future be like

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At first sight it looks good.

Some task requirements are dialed somewhat high for not being able to progress simultaneously tho, particularly in later stages.

Also, winning is still a matter of picking the correct faction AND being lucky with matchmaker, rather than performing well.