On ps5 the German in Stalingrad is still missing his feet

It was fixed on PC and Xbox so why do you have to treat the Ps5 edition like this Darkflow?

A couple things Playstation os is ass to work with
Second Screenshot it’s 2022 pathetic if you don’t
Lastly it’s not game braking bug More important critical things to work in

pointless rant with irrelevant points.

the importance of a bug report it’s not up for you to judge.

the guy sended a screenshot about the matter, so the problem still stand.
as they did fixed it on computer in almost no time, i’m sure they will eventually fix it on console. ( if they were aware. ) if not, this post kinda work as a reminder.

you should have kept this one for your self to be honest buddy.

regarding to op, they did fixed it on computer. so let’s hope they will fix it for console as well :slight_smile:

Now fixed latest update on ps5, close this thread mate :wink:

IDK how i do that


Issues have been Fixed! Thanks for your Report