Official: No devlog until next week

see you next week -------------

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“Trust me bro”


Ok… i trust you (i said it now pay me)


Keofox said next 2-4 working day last time. Today is the 4th working day since 1 September . Wonder why that takes so long.

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Working day are from monday to saturday

Do Gaijin and Darkflow employee work on Saturday?

Where is the proof? I don’t expect much because the major update wouldn’t be earlier than October anyway

I work half day the saturday i dont know if they are princess, in doubt i say, yes i think they work the saturday

Most country don’t work on weekends. Since they are not special company , I don’t think most of their company employee will work on Saturday.

lol we had guessed with developer’s hint lol

moreover we already know the planes for the campaigns we can find them on editor


only Thursday is work day

Yea :fox_face: already hinted that with “explosion”

I have to call you milord?