Objects in game, Objects in Software Code of the game

I don’t know exactly how the engine of Enlisted work, but I believe it may be Objected oriented, since most high level program use this, I am not a programmer, i am a Student of Engenering how study a little of software in my course.

still, Object oriented or not, players can benefit from objects interaction AND to be sure, Benefit ALOT FROM IT.

we have several useful objects like Windows, Sandbags, Doors. stationary weapons, and BOT,s can do a lot of different things whit then.

for example. a sandbag can be. if you press.

K + X (selected bot) = Move the soldier to take cover on the sandbag.

K + J (selected bot) = Use the soldier to destroy the sandbag

K + (X + X) [double tap X key) = Soldier will jump over the sandbag

K + G (selected bot) = Soldier will throw Grenade behind the sandbag

K + V (selected bot = Soldier will aim until the enemy expose then fire.

Another example. in a window

K + X (selected bot) = Move the soldier to take cover on the window.

K + J (selected bot) = Use the soldier to destroy the window by using melee.

K + (X + X) [double tap X key) = Soldier will jump inside the window.

K + G (selected bot) = Soldier will throw Grenade inside the window.

K + V (selected bot = Soldier will aim until the enemy expose then fire.

Another example. a door.

K + X (selected bot) = The soldier will position behind the door and fire anyone how enters…

K + (X + X) [double tap X key) = Soldier will enter the door and kill how is behind it.

K + G (selected bot) = Soldier will open the door and throw the grenade

K + V (selected bot = Soldier will aim until the enemy expose then fire.

DEV,s should see object interaction has a possibility for easier coding has well dynamic commands for players in the battlefield. i may not sure if it will work on this engine, but i sure it will work in the game. Since the object will have a method for every command, and that method will be one feature.



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nah… nobody uses objected oriented programming anymore. nowadays they use parallel procedural programming to make use of multi core design. programs get more effective with it. so most of your suggestion would not work.

ok, still tactical talking, it will would.

I’m in favour of more control over AI but what you propose is simply too much micro management. Enlisted is a fast game and controling each soldier individually in so big “detail” won’t be worth the effort imo.

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nah it couldnt. cause there are no objects, you cant interact with objects. so you couldnt order bot to do something cause the object doesnt exist.

we still able to use the ground has we use now.

ground is always in use, unless you are in aircraft.

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And it shows, for you to know every game engine this days is object oriented, because they are written in c++ or high level languages, which on their own are already made object oriented, with classes inheritance and everything software engineers are used to this days.
So let me leave you with a good old meme:

So how many drugs do I have to use in order to think that parallel programing (use of multithreading) and Object oriented programming are mutually exclusive?

That is kind of saying that that no one uses gas engines in cars anymore because the air-conditioning exist.

that is cause you are not experienced in programming. when you get objects they are making no sense in parallel procedural programming. so there are no objects.

you must remember, there is no spoon.

Bruh, I had written my own rendering engine at this point, and use multi threading features in ue4, as well as unity.

So long you have classes, inheritance, structures, and we’ll you know, objects like the previous ones, you are by definition using OOP.
If you really want to avoid using OOP, you need to program in C or assembly. Otherwise you will be using multithreading with objects, and by definition in a OOP environment.

And last time I checked most people are using java and python this days, which are both high level languages.

Like honestly I don’t get why you try to push something clearly doesn’t make much sense, other than they are both programing concepts.

The only way you would make any sense is if you drop the parallel part and go for procedural programing, which is the most rudimentary and obsolete way to write code there is. Like honestly in 80% of the software companies out there, if you deliver code with a: go to line, you are probably fired at that point.

just wanted to see how many stupid stuff i could write and if he would notice :stuck_out_tongue:

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That would make sense, but my eyes burned as I saw everything written in this thread. Man it hurts. XD

i was in trolly mood yesterday, so i put bunch of nonsense in several threads :stuck_out_tongue:

correct if i am wrong, but i has thinking to do methods that would receive coordinates in the argument like a window that receive tree or more positions from where the soldier will throw the grenade. for example.

window123.throwOrder (int Xcord1, int Ycord1, int Xcord2, int Ycord2 …)

so when you place one object in map editor you might position coordinates from where the soldier will throw the grenade for example. that will simplify a lot the life of DEV.s

the Cordenate should be choice by AI of how is more close to the object you would throw the grenade. so he will go do Xcord1, Ycord1 first, then throw it.

just to remind, i only made 4 classes of codding. the rest is electrical and electronical topics, so i am amateur in this world.


It looks like you wrote a Pseudocode calling a function from a class, namespace, library, etc.

In which case well yes it is method been used, also engines work in quaternions and vectors to do 3d calculations, do it’s wouldn’t necessarily be good parameters, at minimum floats in an overloaded function to make a vector. And also a window wouldn’t know how to throw a grenade, soldiers should be the ones throwing grenades taking in account the existence of the window. For that case.

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ok thanks.

in that case it would be.

Soldier123.ThrowGrenade (GameObject Window123) [window would have atibutes of possible positions the soldier would throw the greande]

i think it,s less pseudo. still i will not program all here, so it remains a little pseudo anyway.

Yes it is, but it does make a bit more sense.