Numerous bugs at the beginning of the match

There are a lot of issues with the beginning of the match in Enlisted:

  • Very often, almost every time in fact, when you join the match and press “Go!” for the first time, the squad selection menu just disappears but you don’t spawn, the camera just stays in the same place it was before. It can take for up to about 2 minutes, and in that time your squad physically is on the battlefield (you can see them on the kill feed if they die), you just can’t control them.
  • Sometimes (this one is less often) when you spawn for the first time, your soldiers don’t render fully, and if you move in the time when they keep rendering, your soldier doesn’t move where you want him to, but rather teleports (rubberbands?) in that direction for about a 2-3 meters at a time, and the only possible option in such case is a suicide/switching soldier.
  • And finally, you can’t choose your spawn point at a beginning of the match. And no, you can’t argue reasonably that it’s not a bug, it’s a feature.
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The basic error is that the enemies are right in front of you and you don’t have time to start looking for a position and you don’t even have enough space in the combat zone

I agree, just want to add an issue: AT/AP mines are often not in the inventory at start, will randomly spawn there after several minutes.

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