Not receiving bronze orders from xp []

I have played quite a few matches today with all of them showing that the xp requirement for one or both types of orders has been filled. Sadly I haven’t been getting any of these orders, except for upon restarting the game I suddenly had one of each, but at that point I should have earned 2-3 of each. From what I understand I should be receiving the orders directly after each match where one of the bars has been filled.

The windows+alt+r method of screen recording was also throwing errors so unfortunately the best I can do for now is screenshots and promising that I didn’t just spend it.
If its needed I’m sure I can download another program and get a recording.

Thanks in advance.

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Send clog?

2021_05_13_18_16_18__5832.clog (2.0 MB)

Got a screen recording to work this time
Enlisted 2021-05-13 19-49-26.rar (16.1 MB)
sorry for the .rar but it doesn’t let you attach video files directly

I’ve had it a few times where it hasn’t given me the rewards.

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Alright so from playing a bit more and leaving the game idle for a bit a few times, it seems like the orders are very delayed (I got the two from that video maybe 15 minutes of idling on the soldiers screen later) and even then I believe I’m not quite getting all of them.
This is just a guess but it kinda seems like if I earn two of the same kind before it gives me the first one then its only able to award one of each at a time and I won’t get the second.

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I’ve also been getting this Issue of not receiving Orders earned , when I get 1 and use it then a 2nd will appear preventing me from Stacking them even If I’ve earned multiple . :thinking: