"Not a step back!" event

Soviets don’t stand a chance period.

Stalingrad allies have the worst players in the entire game, and they aren’t bots for the most part.

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I see what you mean, and I agree with you very much.

The weapons of the Soviet army are not only much worse, but also many German players will use large grenade bags. Everyone carries three grenades / explosive bags to attack all the time. In many cases, if they can’t see anyone, they will be killed by the whole German army.

There’s not a weapon imbalance that I’ve seen. The times I’ve played soviets I’ve managed to handle MKB’s and what not.

I’ve not seen anyone using grenade pouches personally, or at least I haven’t myself.

It’s that for whatever reason, nearly every player who is halfway decent at the game is playing axis, and allies are taking on the scraps essentially. It’s weird to see.


Think about it. In the all living battlefield of 10vs10, the German army has MKB. Even if 10 Soviet troops have ppsh, they can’t beat the German army. I’ve seen a lot of people using grenade tactics. Playing with the Soviet Camp is difficult to win every time.

Any player worth a damn is using bolt actions as well as the MKB lol. Bolts are so much fun in Stalingrad.

Soviet equipment is fine. It’s just not very unique, so players are going for axis who have more unique items I suppose.

If players ever migrate to allies, I think the campaign will feel much more competitive.

Currently, it’s just not sadly.

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If you want the so-called balance in qualifying, you should start the scuffle and let both camps freely choose the Soviet Union or Germany. In this way, MKB will fight MKB, so there will be no one-sided situation. The players who use grenades will have more advantages.

Both the Soviet Union and Germany have reached level 26, but I prefer to join the Soviet Camp, but it is difficult to make up my mind to use the Soviet Union to participate in the qualification of the so-called Stalingrad balance race.

I’d say play the side you’ll enjoy the most.

I’m a competitive person, so I’m currently refusing to play Stalingrad allies, as I’m not good enough to carry every game I go in to.

It’s just preference.

Just spend 2 weeks to max out in Stalingrad campaign… Sorry, I dont want to play more matches in this campaign… I’m planning to play Berlin next. Probably only participate in a few matches to know how the ranking system works.

Please make all rewards permanent. Temporary rewards are pointless.

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Using the Soviet army in qualifying will only become a stepping stone for German army players

While we are testing the format. If he shows himself well, then the rewards will be more valuable.

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MKB42, 8 damage with 500!RoF and Soviet mains still cry. You should go play Normandy Allies and get M3A1, it does 8.2 damage when fully upgraded and has 470RoF. I believe you would rule the map with it.

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Sure lol… Because grenade bags are of course restricted for axis only, eh?

You can go play Moscow Soviets if you want a true unbalanced side with advantages. Stalingrad is mostly fine, equipment wise. There’s more axis players in Stalingrad because being axis in other campaigns… is just Meh.


Any campaign. And any side. Thanks to the lack of matchmaking. And online for certain sides.

Real Man (MVP) will play this with “:white_check_mark: Join Any Team”


Can’t agree more. When a campaign is completed, I join in some random mayhem :slight_smile:


Again, another event where people like myself that have limited playing time due to real life have no chance it hell of participating. These events that run at certain times are a slap in the face to people who still enjoy playing, but cannot join at “certain times”

1: Mkb42 can shoot continuous fire at medium and long distances to kill multiple targets. Can ppsh and avt40 do it? Ppsh can only play a role after getting close, but Germany also has mp717. Maybe they were killed in the process of shooting each other, or there was no chance to get closer at all.
2: The flight speed of M3A1 bullet is too slow (not the firing speed). If you can rule Normandy with M3A1, congratulations. Your strength can be ranked among the top three in this activity. Browning m1918a2 and browning m1919a6 you don’t need to get at all.
3: I am level 36 in both Normandy camps. You are completely changing concepts. M3A1 and mp43 / 1 are not comparable at all.
4: There was no ranking activity in the battle of Normandy.