"Not a step back!" event

We invite you to take part in our newest event where the rules are fairer thanks to your feedback. Start battling, climb the leaderboard, and get the rewards you deserve!

From April 15th (14:00 UTC) to April 25th (04:00 UTC) a new leaderboard event is available.

Battles will take place in the “Events” menu of the Battle of Stalingrad campaign missions.

You can participate in the event during the following time periods: 0:00 - 4:00 (UTC) and 14:00 - 18:00 (UTC).


Rewards will be given out based on your position on the leaderboard at the end of the event. These rewards can be either permanent or available to the owner for a limited time - usually until the next event.

Medal example
Portrait example
Nickname decorator example

Each participant of the event will receive an initial award: the “Participant Medal” as well as Silver Orders for the first battle.

You will find a full list of rewards and the requirements for earning them in the “Events” window.


This is the second competitive event in Enlisted after Steel Fortress and has been improved thanks to your feedback and suggestions. Here’s what we’ve changed:

— If defeated in battle, your score will no longer decrease

Now, only your top 40 battles in the event will be counted, so losses will no longer result in a decrease in ranking points. Additionally however, deserters who leave the battle early will lose rating points.

Also, for ease of understanding, we’ve added a description regarding the rules for how rating points are calculated directly into the interface.

— Your position in front of your eyes

The interface now displays what percentile of the event participants you currently place in.

— Stable, updated leaderboard

We fixed a bug that caused the leaderboard to take a long time to update, now you should see your current position more accurately.

As always, we’re open to hearing your thoughts and ideas to further improve our competitive events. Feel free to post them wherever you can discuss the event!


I can ask if You (dev) have in mind to do another event with veichle/squad reward? Because those one are really fun to play


lol I wonder which faction will dominate this time hmmm, hmmm lol Berlin scenario again?


The true definition of a pay to win event kekw, also, rewards still not worth it.
If you got a weapon gold order for 40 battles and like 20 silvers for 20 battles it’d be actually semi worthwhile. But temporary rewards and a small amount of silver? very bad


Waiting half a year for event only to be in paid campaign.
Not great, 3.6/10.

When can we expect events for old campaigns ?


Lost me at Stalingrad. Unless you have paid access Stalingrad is pointless. For future reference any event you have to pay to be competitive in is a stupid event.


Looking forward to this event, altough I would have prefered an event like Fiery November.


7.8/10 too much MKB 42(H) and AVT-40 spam.

Seriously though, maybe entice players with gold orders by doing these like how the D-DAY event did last year.

Also, it will be amusing that none of my games will count after the first battle like the last event, which I somehow still ending up placing top 20 with only one confirmed game that game stored for me.

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I don’t think I would care about name decorators and profile pics even if I was paid to care.

PS hmmm I wonder which side will win? Who has not only PPSh-41 but also an assault rifle?

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No offence the rewards just seem pointless as does the event. Honestly who cares about a leaderboard in a game as casual as enlisted ?

What happened too the good events where you got event squads and vehicle’s ?

The devs seem too be giving out less and less with each event and twitch drop session.

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In the future, we plan to make your profiles public so other players can see your rewards and avatars.

Then their value will increase significantly.


Pretty soon


you give the possibility to the player to keep him private? Rigth?

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I really hope there can be an event in Tunisia/Moscow with some squads/vehicles as rewards

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We do not plan.

It will just be a profile with statistics. As in many other games.

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Yes, but that doesn’t fix the issue of temporary rewards or a lack of better rewards for playing the event


In the face of axis mkb42, mp717 and hand thunderstorms (referring to players abusing hand grenade bag + throwing skills), the Soviets had no chance of winning, and even ppsh could not play an advantage.

Will there be marathons like Berlin and Tunisia in the battle of Stalingrad? (ppk-42 in Berlin, Charlton automatic rifle in Tunis.)
At present, the weapons of the Soviet army can not compete with the mkb42. Perhaps the situation will be improved with the reward team?