"Not a step back!" event team selection bug

Another competitive event, another bugs. This time it is team selection - I choose Axis as my faction before joining the battle through the events tab, but it always connects me as Soviets (I’ve tried 4 times by now). I don’t have “join any team” turned on, moreover, My Soviets in Stalingrad don’t even have the 3rd level required to participate in the event.


Same, but no longer interested in the event, I was tired of constantly quitting.


Wonder if it’s not a bug and they did this so that Soviet’s would have players. Lol

Guys, you need to unlock both teams on lvl3. Then the game will quene you only for the team u selected. I have figured it out after 11 quits.


And really … Is this some fucking bad joke now or what? How can you figure out such bullshit?

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I saw that Shivex has this “join any team” option available on his screen. I was pretty sure I did not have this option on mine, so I was pretty upset. The guys on the scoreboard have 100% win rate, and sorry but this is impossible if the game would put them into russians. I played one game fully with russians and unlocked lvl3 and… this option “join any team” appeared on my screen in the event section and guess what? Today I played only germas no problem.


I saw it with him too, and although I didn’t have it, so I shared the opinion that this is a bug, 1-2 days and it will be fixed. I never thought in my life that this would work so stupid. Thank you for telling me.

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I just got my Soviets to level 3, and I can confirm what you’re saying is indeed a case. I thought that with the experiences from the first such event they would learn something, but nope, we still get it with bugs.

Wow, same bug here. My soviets are never played and it connects me as soviets after axis selection. Next shit…

And the one who implemented this event time window, daylike and hourlike, seems to be not from this world.

Thank you for figuring it out, but i personally don’t play it now. That’s a workaround, but it is the developers work to test and fix things beforehand.