Normandy Axis - the most or even the only populated Axis side - needs some love

Imagine a group like this: 2 Calliope kills Axis infantry, one P38 kills Axis tanks with M8 from the sky, one P-47 kills Axis infantry from the sky. Seems very balanced to me


damn, it’s really sounding like a hell :flushed:

Nooo you can just say that Allies can be OP. Yuo germutt.


Wz 34 is a Polish bar. But I was already tired and made a mistake. It is 1928. Corrected

Where did you get that from? It looks like shit. Caliope is something on the level of “give the Germans a Maus”, only for the Allies

i see.
I don’t understand, they don’t want money from Axis players. Literally nothing to buy except squad with Kiraly, but he I do not buy, because it violates the rules of the game (engineer with SMG and profile buildings). Such a squad I will not buy.

The worst news is there is only one new level lol so time to take a break

I think the second one will be, just showing bits and pieces.

MG 34 Patronentrommel, it can be worse than breda .30 ! absurd recoil there is no way to shoot with it and the aim is horrible, All Germans already know how stolen the planes of the Americans are, and yes… the tank is what saves the campaign, many will say about the MP 43 cal. 7.92 but even the thompson can be more powerful with a cal ammo. 45

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yeah yeah jumbo OP Thompson OP p38 OP Grease gun OP, pls give me262 and maus.

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i mean, why not at this point?

btw, you are wrong. 0/10

not enough HE:

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Still nuked by HVAR and P51 250kgs I guess.

this should be enough to balance the OPness of the m5a1


that’s more like it

planty of HE!

devs, when?

Axis has a level 4 fighter that has a 3 times button “aim at a tank and blow it up in a second”?

would be a good option along with Tempest

i agree i agree axis suffered for too long, so we Need mechs and automated AAA guns so that stupidly OP p38 cant do shit to our tanks.

You can’t kill tanks with a p38?

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no no you’re right the p38 should be nerfed to the ground and be changed with this

its just fair for the germans, and imo the thompson is too OP so americans should only have garands and hope to fight.

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It’s funny, you don’t respond in substance.
Planes>>Tanks. Whoever has a good plane and pilot wins (almost always). A good tanker in such a match is not worth anything.

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