Normandy Axis - the most or even the only populated Axis side - needs some love

During the past two BP seasons, the only thing for Normandy Axis that is not a crap or crappy copypasta is Tiger E.
Level 33: Kar98k with GGP40. Don’t want to comment on this.

Level 34: Another garbage, worse than lv4 Bf110.

Level 35: copypaste MG34 from Berlin, not totally a garbage but something that you simply won’t use for many simple reasons.

Level 36: finally something that is worthmentioning, even though another copypasta from Berlin.

@1942786 @88761617 Please give Normandy Axis something worthmentioning in the next major update, considering it’s the most or maybe the only populated(means: the only Axis side with no bot match) some love? Something amazing rather these crap or copypasta?


Is this a bait for woody?


@34357084 Here we gooooooo

Germany suffers in Normandy, we need the Me-262, Arado and the Tiger II to compete against the allied P-47 and jumbo!

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By worthmentioning I mean things like MKB42H sniper or Panzerschreck, not Me262 or Tiger II. But @34357084 has been asking for T29 so why not

Lol, when did he ask for that?? He is quite imaginative.

It will come 100%, just have some patience.

I have a feeling that woody is coming

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Though the only advantage of the mkb42 sniper would be the dispersion though fg42II sniper would be the better weapon

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There is no gun is or being called FG42II sniper, that’s all. And nobody needs that since FG42II already exists.

What? Did you have a stroke while writing that?


agreed, I haven’t played normandy since I hit panzerfaust

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I dont think its me this time.

So basically confirmed that you don’t even know FG42II is the same thing in Berlin and Normandy, or you cannot read. Because I write “FG42II already exists”.

I know the FG-42 II is in Berlin, Ive used the bloody thing. The FG-42 II is a sniper in Normandy, the MkB sniper would be worse btw.

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It seems that you still haven’t understood. G43 sniper and G43 are two different guns, consdersing one has 0.05 dispersion or something, one has 0.26. But there is only one FG42II, there are not two separte guns one called “FG42II sniper” one called “FG42II” there is only one FG42II, one with a scope one without

Exact there is since there is the infantry use FG42II in Berlin and the sniper version in Normandy and I already am under the belief that they will put the fg42II infantry variant into Normandy at some point


That would be nice, hope they do it in the next major update

I hope they don’t do that, we already have enough automatic weapons in the hands of normal soldier as is

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But Radio II is a convention, no reason to make a exception in Normandy. Woody would also be happy to have his Johnson LMG

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What a useless discussion, word it better next time. Is it THAT hard to say they both have the same dispersion values instead of writing whole essays.