Normandy Allies best faction

At this point I should just grind Axis. Cant wait for military ranking system…

allies normandy Is Just axis Berlin 2.0


That happens for both sides. I can describe normandy playerbase with a single n-word.

They just refuse to do something useful.

Btw you haven’t built any rally points, so that’s your fault too.


Depends on timezone

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No one on my team had automatic weapons, so why bother?

Really depends on time zones. I rarely play Normandy but did 2 days ago for a daily. Our side had jumbos, m36, BAR squads, Thompsons… Axis had the puma and kar. It’s random. I’d say allied side is pretty powerful as well.


Eh. Normandy allies isn’t that bad.
Certainly more fun to play than the axis.


Allies light tanks are much funnier to play than axis, that’s for sure! Rhino for the win!

Well, the puma is also very fun, so that’s not the issue.
The problem I have with normandy axis is the constant defence. It’s so boring. Either you get a good team and are basically forced to sit and snipe cause nothing else is going on or the enemy gets very good players, you don’t and the match is over immedietly, cause your as soon as you die you lose the objective.

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Yes, I desert automatically the 2 beaches maps. I hate them, whichever side I play. The other maps are kinda fun, thought.

I mean, with the allies, even if you’re unlikely to win, it’s still fun to storm a bunker with a flamethrower.
But with the axis, even on the other maps, I just don’t feel like sitting and camping in one place, which is what you’re rawarded for in Normandy axis.


I want to see if the developers are going to put Panzerfaust 100 in Normandy, or are they just helping the Americans with the AT Gunner’s new RPzB 43 Ofenrohr bazooka?

Just had 6 match in a row as allies. Not a single victory. No one seems making any rally points except me. Our tanks often rush the cap point alone only to be destroyed by axis infantry. Our fighter plane ignore enemy bomber. No one spot enemy position or tanks. Then frequently we face more expirienced axis player with panthers, tigers, FG42, MG34 or 42 etc. The only thing that keeps me going is that i’m grinding allies for the M1919A6

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Jsut wait for the T34 launcher I guess.

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You like airfield?

Not really. But I don’t HATE it as I do the beach maps. Airfield allows for interesting tank play sometimes, until facing a grey zoning jumbo or panther. The maps I prefer in Normandy are the city/villages ones, allowing me to do flanking maneuvres with light tanks :slight_smile:

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Normandy Allies is one of the easiest campaigns, if you have 2 or more decent people you’ll likely win.
It didn’t help that you were fighting against guys that were on a (likely discord) squad, that and you sitting in a vehicle a good portion of the round.

I was literally the only guy on the team with automatic firearms and the enemy kept spawning Tigers and Ju-188s. I need to learn how to carry I guess :rofl:


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