No Progress/XP

Good Morning,

I just played about 6-7 rounds.
The last 2-3 rounds I had no level progress and i got no experience points(Squad/Soldier/Campaign).
I also had a red error message ingame, unfortunately I missed taking a screenshot.
Where can i put the diagnostic files?

Kind regards, DerMad82

Edit: Restarted 3 Times, now it works.

Please check - How to create a bug report

I just played a full match of “invasion” in the Normandy campaign and got over 100 kills and made over 4000 xp the game and finished various challenges. as soon as the match finished none of the xp registered client side and I took a screenshot of the end gae screen, displaying the game version and my in game tag is the same as my account used for creating this forum.“Tunic_” i am having a problem gathering the amount of information to submit a proper bug report due to not being able to navigate the game files but I tried my best to provide a screenshot

I managed to locate the log file corresponding to the above screenshot2021_04_12_19_16_14__7216.clog (4.9 MB)

I have the same problem with my Tank crew. I’m level 34 and every single match I play my tank crew reaches level 35 but when I close the mission accomplished screen my tank crew is level 34 and nothing happens…

I am having this issue with all campaigns, all soldiers, and all battle tasks. I can see that I complete them in match on the map screen, but when I return to the menu none of the battle tasks have updated.

A friend and I are having a bug where, if we are in a squad (party) playing together, only the leader of the party will receive any experience and/or rewards after a match. This happens no matter who is the party leader; the other person in the party does not receive any rewards after a match. I am playing on PC and my friend is playing on XBOX.

Same thing is happening to me.

I’m having a problem with progress I’m not getting my enlisted gold when of level up from the battle pass