No more blood marks on clothes

Recently there is no more blood marks on the clothes when you shoot someone like there was before.

It’s one of the only games where more we get updates and the more it graphically downgrading 🤦


i noticed this as well

I’ll have to pay attention and check this. But this wouldn’t surprise me at all.

Blood marks on clothes disappeared after Stalingrad update

jeah and corpses disapear after 10 Seconds, sad very very sad
War without Corpses Blood and Gore. CoD2.0

The game was better looking before all their downgrade, really sad. Update are supposed to upgrade the game but on Enlisted it’s the reverse, every new update it’s downgrading.


Need more blood, bodies and bodyparts.


Something I would like to see too but they prefer to remove the gore instead.

I was worried about this… and I just did some gore tests…

Blood steps are pretty freaky… I have to confirm that the bodies get destroyed quite fast now… this will help game performance big time at a realism factor for sure.

War crime!!!

I sliced and diced them. Only that one screen shot of me shooting the body that I thought was still alive, as it was wiggling… But the main gore was from a sweet ass impact nade… maan i love those.

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I think it is the force you hit the body… or the amount of damage might reflect if the blood gets squirted…


The blood that is inbetween the boards is quite nice…

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I’m not talking about dismembered corps but impact of bullet and as you can see on your screens, there isn’t. This is something different.

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I will give a good MG test to a bunch of evil and see what happens…

And you will see they removed that for no reason like many other dumb decisions from them.

yup… no matter what I did I could not get gun splatter to “splat” on clothing… the men are clean deaths… very unrealistic …

nice realistic “death nerve” body position

this guy was shot in face I think…

Burnt to a crisp…

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Looks fine for explosions, although I don’t know about bullet impacts

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I hope they will put it back and rework the death positions, no logic to have dismembered corps but no impact


More blood and gore please


Before the Stalingrad update if you got shot in the arm it would be bloody, even for you in first person view, but I think they removed that.

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