Next Campagne?

Personally, I dont find the 44/45 Kit set or the Battles from that Time frame all that interesting as they were very lopsided and basically just set piece meat grinders for fortified Islands, The US typically suffered over 100% attrition rates for it’s tanks but this largely do to AT gun’s firing at point blank ranges Mines and other close quarters killers, not Japanese tanks that were totally outclassed late war.

My Fondness for Burma, the Japanese Invasion of (42) is largely the Very varied nature of the Allied army there and the Nature of eh fighting there and the terrain, it’s not all jungle, there are urban areas, and rice paddies, and farmland rivers and Roads RR exc.

The Malay peninsula would offer some similar map options as would the Philippines, or Dutch East Indies, but they have fewer Allied forces.

Although in the Dutch East Indies, Java, you would find Australians and Dutch, and there were some American Aircraft there as well, along with British and of course Dutch forces.

But again Burma has:

British/Commonwealth, Chinese, and American forces.

The Japanese have a large assortment of kit that could be included, and again I do feal there armor is far more competitive early war and varied as a result.


Type 97 Te-Ke tankette 37 mm

Type 95 Ha-Go 37 mm

Type 98 light tank 37 mm


Type 97 Chi-Ha 57 low velocity, later 47 mm High Velocity gun

Bearing in Mind that Early War Allied tanks were for the most part poorly protected these tanks could be again, very competitive.

The Japanese also had a very wide array of infantry weapons to chose from.

‘we have enough player for all campaign’

i’d be surprised if playercounts breached a peak of 10k. we don’t have enough for a new campaign. we need bugfixes and progression/mechanical overhauls and an actual decent playerbase before we even think of adding new stuff that’s going to divide the playerbase even further. we need only look as close back as stalingrad to see how much of a flop that was.


I like the sugestion because it is obvius a new ideia.

everone is expecting Pacific to be the next theatre, in fact I personal has expected it before stalingrad has ever come on, so it become pacific the nunber 5 theather,

it,s interesting, because it,s a actualy something people won,t think at frist time.

every one expects it to be the next one
but what they dont know is that they might enjoy it for the 1st few days then it will be boring as hell

Even still, balancing is almost impossible for am early war campaign, due to the presence of things like the Valentine, the Matilda and the Grant. The Japanese don’t build anything that can even be considered a match for them untill 1942 with the Chi Ha Kai, and by then the Sherman is up and running. Same thing for Infantry weapons. Japan did have a semi-auto program which produced the Type Hei Rifle prior to the Second Sino-Japanese War, but it was in 6.5 Arisaka, which would make it like the Ameguerra, and a match for only the M1 Carbine and not the Garand. The Garand entered service in 1936, so it’s exclusion is not on the table. Thus, any campaign in the Pacific with the Americans needs to be in 1944 onwards so that the devs can use the rules they have set for themselves and add the Type 4 Rifle.

Also, the 1942 Burma campaign would be horribly imbalanced with the only tanks available for the Allies being the Stuart, Valentine, Grant and Matilda at that time period. Instead, if you do something in Burma after 1943, the armoured cars from the Africa campaign like the Humbler Mk IV and the Daimler Mk II were given to Indian cavalry units, making balancing far easier.

Finally, the retaking of the Philippines was not, as you put it, “A meat grinder”. There are many things the devs could do there, but the most unique idea is the retaking of Manilla, being Urban combat similar to that of Berlin, but could also provide other rural maps.

You forgetting the Russian tanks the Chinese had in Burma, the early war allied tanks would balance well against the Japanese tanks I listed above, there woukd be no Grant or Matty in Burma, unless for some reasion they added them, neither err there during the Japanese invasion in 42, I know Grants were in 44, but like I
Mentioned above I can’t see any Japanese theater playing well balance wise past 42, maybe early 43

China vs Japan capmaign funded by Tencent, with GIrls Frontline event

Lets be realistic: judging by visitors stats of the Enllisted forums/site the playerbase is over 50% Russian/CIS countries people. Western Europeans being maybe like 1/4 of player base and americans being neglectable at all.

So the clear aim and target of this game is evident. There is no point adding to it Genderfield like campaigns catering to western audiences : theres plenty of western games doing exactly that already, and they`ll not be interesting for most of playerbase since, lets be clear - no on in the world actually cares about Pacific campain, or even existing in this game Normandy if not for few hollywood movies.

So what you`ll see is

  2. China, as one region where game can develop massively and has potential.

So realistically, you are more certain to see Vietnam/Korea before Pacific/more european stuff not involving Soviets. As for China, Manchjuria is an option, but also Vietnam/Korea as said above.


Great source on the Chinese in Burma during the initial Japanese invasion with references for the Tanks they had as well

Problem with the Chinese is modern politics, so it is best to just ignore them. I would love the inclusion of the nationalists, but it is tricky, as you have to balance the demands of both the Taiwanese and mainland markets, which is almost impossible. Also, Japan before 1942 doesn’t a tank with a good AT gun, meaning stuff like the Stuart will run rampant. finally Both the Commonwealth and Japan don’t have enough equipment for 40 levels in 1942. All of these issues can be sidestepped with a 1944/45 campaign, so it is probably for the best if that is the case.

All of these are good enough for Dealing with early War Allied tanks, and the Type 97 with the 47 mm Gun would be an easy inclusion and very easily deal with the Stuart or T 26, bearing in mind On Many of the existing campaigns we have tanks that were never in those theaters during the time frame they are modeling (Semovente was never in Tunisia, at least not the one we have, and the US 76 mm Shermans were never in Normandy)


Type 97 Te-Ke tankette 37 mm

Type 95 Ha-Go 37 mm

Type 98 light tank 37 mm


Type 97 Chi-Ha 57 low velocity, later 47 mm High Velocity gun

Late war in 44/45 it is simply far worse for the Japanese as non of there tanks are anywhere near competitive with late war US or British tanks

Firstly, that still doesn’t address the lack of content issue, and secondly if you use the Jumbo precedent to pull the Chi Ha Kai into 1942 Burma, You can use the same principle to pull stuff like the Chi Nu, Ho I and Chi He into a 1944/45 campaign.

The Japanese have actually a ton of Small arms kit for content, in a 42 Setting, and if you include the Kit the Chinese used in Burma for the allied set you would have more than you could ever use.

A allied kit set for 42 Burma would also include American small arms as American forces were also present in theater during this time frame, if your looking at “42” on the whole, not just The Japanese Invasion of Burma.

Again the problem with a 44 Kit set is really the Armor for the Japanese, they simply dont have any really competitive tanks for that time frame, not like they do in a 42 setting.

The thing With Burma is of course it was such a great melting pot of allied Forces and Kit.

Believe me, I know of all the small arms available to the Allies and and Axis in Burma, I tried making a Bruma in 1942 proposal and I could barely get to 30 levels. Also, the Americans at Burma were mostly only there providing air support throughout the whole campaign. Also, China brings up political issues again and finally, grouping together all of 1942 Pacific is a horrible idea. That would be like grouping together Stalingrad and a Kursk campaign, it just wouldn’t work. With a 44/45 campaign, you can pull things reserved for the defense of the home islands like the Type 4 Rifle or the Chi Nu which will be able to balance out things like the Garand and the Sherman. In the case of the Garand, it is not even possible to balance it before 1944, the Japanese don’t have a 7.7mm semi-automatic rifle before then. Seeing as the Garand entered service in 1936, it’s exclusion in any theater in which the American forces participated will require the Garand.

There were formations later like Merrill’s marauders, but to keep the idea or focus on 42, there was very little in the way of US boots on the ground, Stilwell and his staff marching out of Burma don’t really count, but there were other US units there like you say primarily providing air support so that would go some way to providing some diversity in the game, In my mind my thinking is that it would simply be focused on Burma and not encompass the Entirety of the Pacific, Personally I don’t find the late war campaigns all that interesting I have no interest in running late war Japanese tanks against Late war US tanks, and the M1 Garand doesn’t need to be included if it’s going to be to destabilizing, they gave the Italians weapons that didn’t really see service in Tunisia so if they’re not above doing some fictional stuff to achieve some semblance of what they might consider balance, I see what you’re saying but I just don’t agree I think that it could be made to work and it would be very interesting, I personally don’t see the Chinese as being a problem either I can see it being something of a plus because they would only be represented in the best of light they’re fighting to defend Burma against Japanese aggression which would seemingly fit in very nicely with their current agenda globally, not all US forces early in the war were equipped with the M1 Garand, United States Marine Corps troops did not receive them until sometime late in 42 and not all US Army troops were equipped with them universally, Springfield rifle was still in use with the US Army in secondary roles but by the time torch took place pretty much all Frontline troops were equipped with the M1 grand at least at least for the US Army, and by the time we landed in Normandy the only place you would see in Springfield was as a sniper rifle and by the end of the war even those were being replaced by M1 grand sniper rifles

I would love a Soviet far east campaign or at least an event. Soviet invasion of Manchuria in 1945 or Khalkhin Gol. And I’m in the USA!

Problem is most of that stuff you need to stretch history only gets made after 1943, so any campaign with a stretching of history that is still consistent of the dev’s rule of “if it existed at the time, we can add it” needs to take place after 1943. The issue with the Chinese is that 100% of the Chinese forces sent to Burma were Nationalists, which the CCP won’t loke and demand they change. However, doing that will piss off the Tiawanese market and thus you can see the dilemma. About the US troops, sure, the Marines did not have Garands early on, but the Army always followed the Marines through the Island hopping, and they did bring the Garand with them.

Nah, we don’t need a 4th soviet campaign, and furthermore Kalkhin Gol and Manchuria would be awful campaigns. Kalkhin Gol would not have enough content for 40 levels, and Manchuria would be impossible to balance, especially in terms of Tanks.

Well, they have added a F’ton of stuff that did not exist at the time for many of there Chapter’s thus far, personally I would rather this were not the case.

The Chinese have rewritten there own history when it comes to the Nationalists in WW2, just look at some of the more recent state sponsored Movies about the Rape Of Nanking, that seam to come out every few years.

Concerning the Garand, again if were looking at Burma, and I personally see that as the best option for a Japanese Chapter, it’s a non issue as it would need be present.

Even if it were the war bolt action rifles are modeled I cant say in game I find them at a disadvantage really when facing of against a semi auto, even if your in the same room

How do I edit my posts, I cant figure that out, should reed need not be present